UNvincible-Angela, Queen of Hel #1

October 28, 2015 0

Angela, Queen of Hel #1 Published: 10/28/2015 Written by: Margueritte Bennet Art by: Kim Jacinto, Stephanie Hans, and Izrael Silva With the onslaught of number…


AKA Jessica Jones Punches into the MCU

October 24, 2015 0 Let’s talk about Jessica Jones.  Her first official trailer peeked its face on Youtube yesterday and it is a beauty.  If you’re coming to this…

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FEARtastic Vault #26

October 23, 2015 0

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) Director(s): John Carl Buechler Writer(s): Daryl Haney, Manuel Fidello Starring: Kane Hodder, Lar Park – Lincoln,…


UNvincible-Titans Hunt #1

October 21, 2015 0

Titans Hunt #1 Published: 10/21/2015 Written by: Dan Abnett Art by: Paulo Siqueira, Geraldo Borges, Hi-Fi             Today marked the release of the final episode…