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Greetings, video game nerds/geeks/dweebs/dorks.  Hmmm… that nomenclature could be the source of a new article.  Anyway, E3 Expo is right around the corner.  It’s a big expo year, as 2 new consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, are set to be released in Q4.  Exciting!  This prompted a few friends and I to reminisce about the good old cartridge days.  Eventually, subject of console cycles came up. I’m referring to the period of time between a company’s release of a new console.  It feels like the current generation of consoles has been around for quite a while, right?  So, I thought, “I should write about it on Sunday!”  Then, last night, as I was about to write, I though, “Why don’t try and make it pretty!”  And that’s how this came to be… my first attempt at infographic-ing.

Somebody has probably already done this, and better.  That’s ok… I can probably beat them up.  Maybe. Does anyone even say “Beat them up,” anymore?

I know, shut up.  If you likes, and want in hi-res, I can help you out right here.


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