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Seems today is the day of the fan-made trailer!  That I don’t mind, at all.  This one, however, has got me a bit more excited than the one I posted about earlier today.

Project Akria. Yup. That’s right, someone out there is crowdsourcing a LIVE ACTION Akira film. Check it.

I think it looks considerably more polished than the Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist trailer, and I can only point to a slightly more experienced production team.  To be fair, though, the folks over at Project Akira have been working on this for a little less than two years, with this trailer being the finished, deliverable project.  The SF:AF was completed in about one year, with a 10-episode webseries in the can.

But… just looking at this trailer, you can see that sometimes it’s better to take your damn time with something. I think Katsuhiro Otomo would be proud.

Big question is, are the folks over at Project Akira extending this passion project into a full-length feature any time soon?  Who knows.  Perhaps.  We can always keep tabs on them at their Facebook Page and website.

Oh, and… take that, Hollywood. This, I would watch. That monstrosity you had gestating in your shitty race-bending, IP-killing belly, however… I hope it never gets born.

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