Democracy Vs Anarchy: The Twitch Plays Pokemon Debate

Every now and then there comes a debate that divides people so thoroughly that it comes to define everyone who takes a side. Are you Conservative or Liberal? Star Wars or Star Trek? Kirk or Picard? Now, the internet and all of geek culture is faced with a new dichotomy: Anarchy or Democracy?


If you don’t know what TPP is, read this. Now the big debate is between Democracy and Anarchy, but I intend to settle this debate. I’ll start by looking at the affiliation at major events, and then end with an analysis.

Since 5 days and 11 hours into the game users have had the right to chose which mode they preferred by voting anarchy or democracy. (I am not counting the hiccup that lead to the Start9 Riot.) Here’s a rough breakdown up to Day 11:

Completing B3 [5,14] — D
Back to start — A
Completing B3 again — D
Lift Key — A
Release Flareon — A
Withdraw Drowzee — A
Depositing HM 01 — A
Complete B2 — D
Open Door — A
Withdrawing HM & items — A
Giovanni First Fight Loss — A
Getting and tossing PP Up — A
Dig next to Giovanni — A
Beat Giovanni First Time — A
Dig w/o scope — A
Beating Blue @ Tower — A
Learning Swift over Thunderbolt — A
Naming Rattata — A
Nugget toss — A
Naming Cabbage and Dashbat — A
Catch X-wing — A
Beat Karate Master — A
Pokemon Tower — Mostly A
Safari Zone — Mostly D
Depositing Digrat & Ghastly — A
Withdrawing ATV — A
Getting Strength — A
Card Key Saffron — A
warp Tower — Mostly A
Blue Battle — A
Lapras — A
Toss items — A
Teach Surf — A
Teach Strength — A
Battle Giovanni — A

Get Master Ball — A

Beat Sabrina — A
Go to Day Care — D
Left the Day Care — A
Get through Route 9 — Mostly A

Despite multiple attempts by Democracy to do something, Bloody Sunday seems to be a result of Anarchy’s selections. However it should be noted that Democracy pulled out AJ (Zapados) and deposited AIR.

(A is for Anarchy and D is for Democracy)

Anarchy or Democracy?

Despite protests, the evidence suggests that most of the time Anarchy is in place. However this list also suggests that bad things happen because of Anarchy. That being said, a combination of input delay and Start9 stalls makes it hard for Democracy to act in an efficient manner. I would argue that if you cover the side of the screen that shows whether it’s Anarchy or Democracy you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. What surprises me the most is how much people complain about Democracy, but the data shows that it doesn’t really come into effect that often. Most of the time Democracy is voted out after twenty minutes, but Anarchy controls Twitch for hours at a time. This lack of control from democracy would suggest that Anarchy is the source of all problems, but ┬áproportionately there is little difference. The trip to the day care shows that Democracy is about as useless as Anachy. With all of this consideration which side is better?


Anarchy, while offering no advantages to chaos, is actually faster. My assertion is that since democracy is wasted by the lag, Anarchy is a more effective way of traveling through the game. Will this stop people from trying to change things to Democracy? No, but it should. I understand that the spirit of the game is one of chaos, but even in Anarchy mode people still need to agree (in a very Democratic way) where to go and what to do. While it has little input over the short term, over the long term consensus DOES effect the outcome of the game. Otherwise TPP wouldn’t have gotten this far.

So I say to all you Anarchy supporters, “Keep posting Anarchy!” Twitch thanks you for your services!


Aaron Hoffman

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Agent Aaron works in the General Union Analytics Research Division. He has a background in Math, Table Top Role Playing Games, and Fiction Writing. Always open to a debate, Agent Aaron looks forward to the future of GUARD.