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I’ve been telling people this in real life, but I’m sure I haven’t relayed the message to all of you, yet.  Game of Thrones is the one series where I’ve actually chosen not to read the source material before watching the visual media version. Why? I wanted the TV-viewing for once.  Needless to say, this 2nd trailer has got my fantasy-loving insides astir.

I promised a dragon, didn’t I? Here it is.


Also, here’s that trailer.


Crazy, right?  We’ve got some nascent badassery going on with Arya right at the top.  By the crone, if she beheads everyone in that list, I’m throwing a party in her honor.

This is Ygritte. I'm fairly sure she's going to kick someone in the snow balls.
This is Ygritte. I’m fairly sure she’s going to kick someone in the snow balls.

We’ve got a few new faces popping up this season, including the new Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, portrayed by Icelandic man-beast, Hafþór Júlíus “Thor” Björnsson. Not sure if he’s in the trailer, unless that’s him fighting the spear-wielding dancy-fighter maybe Braavosi.  Daario Naharis, our favorite Mother of Dragons fancier and hopeful Ser Jorah pincushion, has also regenerated/prettied-up into a different actor, Michiel Huisman.  Also, seems like we’ll see the return of Ygritte as she continues her quest to eviscerate Jon Snow.  Plus, wedding stuff, more pouting Sansa, Daenarys being awesome, Tyrion getting himself into trouble again, and a dragon.

April 6th, hurry the fart up.

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