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Well, rumors of Matt’s departure has been going on for a while, but we can finally say it’s official.

Matt Smith has left Doctor Who. BBC has reported that “After four years as the Time Lord on the BBC One show, viewers will see Smith’s Doctor regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special.”

In the article Smith had said that ” he was “incredibly proud” of what the show had achieved over the last four years under Steven Moffat, the show’s lead writer and executive producer.

Smith also thanked fans around the world for their “truly remarkable” dedication to the show.”

Smith was the youngest actor to have played the role, and I think it’s not hyperbole to say that he will be considered to be one of the most memorable actors to have played the Doctor. I might even argue that his time as the Doctor might even be the most identifiable second  to Tom Baker (The Fourth Doctor) for Doctor Who’s american audience.

For many Doctor Who fans, there is a term that is used to to say which actor who played the Doctor is your favorite. It’s a simple one, you refer to that Doctor as “My Doctor.” I can honestly say that Matt Smith is MY Doctor. After seeing his brilliant performance in his first episode “The Eleventh Hour” (click here to read my old write up on it from my old personal blog. I wrote this back when it first came out.) I knew this guy was special.

Matt is kinda a combination of the best elements of  Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton (The Second Doctor). He’s crazy and wild, full of energy, funny but deadly when he has to be.  That’s not saying he’s ripping off those great actors…no. He’s clearly inspired by them (especially Troughton) but after four years of playing the Doctor, he’s now made it just as much of his own as every actor who’s played the role before him.

It does seem appropriate that he would regenerate this year. With it being the 50th anniversary, it’s almost fitting that that Matt would leave this year. Almost as a reminder that this is what Doctor Who will do.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss the guy. It’s not going to be the same with out him. But you know what? I said the same thing about David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor.)

Hell…let David himself give you some perspective….

So don’t be sad too long Whovians, be excited! Moffat himself even pointed out…

“Somewhere out there right now – all unknowing, just going about their business – is someone who’s about to become the Doctor.” 

Me? I’m pulling for an Indian actor (or actress, if they decide to go that direction) to play the part. Isn’t that exciting and new? And isn’t that the heart of what makes Doctor Who so much fun? It can be exciting and new.

Do read the rest of the BBC News article for more information concerning this.

*The headline is referring the ending of the last Doctor Who episode “The Name of the Doctor.” FYI.


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