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I keep hearing people saying the same thing concerning movies today. They are tired of remakes and endless sequels. They are wincing at the thought of another movie based on a toy. (The Lego Movie being an exception of course.) These people are also almost filled to capacity with super hero films, and eventually they will get tired of those too.

“Hollywood has run out of ideas*.”

These people say that quite a bit …but where are these guys when the “original” ideas start coming out?

That’s why I worry about Jupiter Ascending. It seems like these people are ready to be snarky about this film first, which I feel it’s pretty unfair.

For me, Jupiter Ascending (like Pacific Rim last year) would have been a movie that I would have been salivating to see if I was a kid.

It’s trying to create a new world. It’s trying to be big and imaginative. It’s got tons of great looking action that I KNOW The Wachowskis can deliver in spades.

And more importantly, it’s NOT based anything before.

So…hear me out…if you still get excited about seeing a Marvel Character on the big screen….if you still have hopes that new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie could actually be good….if seeing Grimlock was enough for you to consider seeing the new Transformers movie, then you still have that inner child in you.

So before you see this new (and awesome) trailer….go back to that kid who used to draw superheroes, aliens, robots, and knights. Go back to that kid who used to play Power Rangers in their backyard. Go to that kid, and show THEM this trailer.

Jupiter Acending

Jupiter Acending 2

 JUPITER ASCENDING will be released on July 18, 2014

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