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This week on Arrow, some downright crazy things happened.

Laurel fights Sara (in a drug induced trip, thanks to some Vertigo.)

“My baton is bigger than yours!” Now now, Laurel: they say size doesn’t matter!

Oliver finally confessed his secret vigilante identity to Thea.

“You know that crazy guy in a hood and mask that broke your window and interrogated you last week? Yeah, that was me.”

Thea takes it pretty well.

Green Batman has a new #1 fan!

That one Vertigo dude from the beginning of the season escaped. But not before Laurel punched him in the face.

Zytle…the….tritle? I’m running on empty here, guys.

Thea suddenly reconsiders working with her father and of all things, Oliver is the one trying to keep them together.

“Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Creepy DJ boy toy attacks Thea, admitting that he’s a member of the League.

Is it weird that I suddenly have more respect for him? He’s not just a random creepy dude, he is a shady undercover League member! That seems more respectable somehow?

Captain Lance found out that Laurel has been playing the role of Canary while Sara is away…

“I fell down the stairs, okay?! A lot. Many times. There were a lot of stairs. And they punched me.”

…and Laurel finally told him that Sara is dead and gone.

So…she died like….HOW many weeks ago? You could say that she died again this episode, since it’s all new for dear old Dad. Actually it’s not, since she “died” before and has a tombstone. You know what, this is too confusing for me.

Stay tuned for next week on Arrow! We might get answers to some questions, like:

Will Oliver and Felicity make up?

Or will Felicity turn to the bat-shit-crazy Laurel Lance for some sweet, sweet loving?

Will the Huntress come hang out with the new Canary?

Birds of a feather…

Why did Amanda Waller take Oliver to Starling City in the flashbacks?

NO ONE CARES. That’s not a riddle or anything. Legitimately, no one cares.

Will Oliver have yet another fight to the death with Ra’s where no one, in fact, dies?

For honor!

Is there always money in the banana stand?

Thea always has stacks of money, but somehow I find it hard to believe there’s money in this banana stand. Maybe she’s lining the walls with it?

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