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Agent Justin here! By now a good chunk of you might have already seen the trailer to the highly anticipated new film from writer/director Edgar Wright. And if you haven’t…allow me to fix that.

The film premiered at SXSW to glowing reviews, but we got a Secret Agent who got to see the film even earlier than that. Like all good agents, this one won’t reveal his or her identity but they did feel like it was their job to spread the love and enthusiasm for this film.

So if that trailer STILL didn’t convince you on this movie here is our Secret Agent to lend you their reasons you should get hyped…..

Baby Driver is the latest film from director Edgar Wright. It’s a high-speed thrill ride driven by a killer soundtrack. Here are the top 5 reasons why I’ll be there opening night when this hits theaters in August.

#1. It’s an Edgar Wright movie

Edgar Wright has proven to be one of the most talented directors working in film today. With the fantastic Cornetto Trilogy and the dazzling Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to his name, Wright has mastered the art of comedy filmmaking. And though he has shown his prowess in directing action within comedy movies, he is now giving us a heart-racing, car-chasing thrill ride.

#2. Reprieve

Due to Wright dropping out of Ant-Man, fans of his have been waiting for four years to see his next project. Yes, you heard correctly. It has been four long years since The World’s End, and I am glad to see Wright back and continuing to make great movies.

#3. Action, Action, Action.

With an army of stuntmen and a pile of wrecked cars at his disposal, Wright promises to deliver the finest in car chase carnage.

#4. Ansel Elgort

As an actor who rose out of the YA movies of The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent, I am glad to see him taking a step into action.

#5. The Music (Sweet, Sweet Music)

Saving the most important aspect about this movie for last. Now you may ask yourself, “wait, but didn’t you say this was an action movie? And shouldn’t the most important thing in an action movie be the action?” Well, yes. The thing is, Baby Driver is really a musical. No, characters don’t randomly break out into songs with highly choreographed and well rehearsed dance numbers. It’s not a musical in that sense. But hidden by the veil of exciting car chases and shootouts, Baby Driver is driven almost entirely by music. Everything from the story, the action, the characters, and the editing is in one way or another influenced by music. Hell, the film’s title is a direct reference to Simon & Garfunkel. The best part is, all of this music in the soundtrack is not disconnected from the film: the music that we hear is what the characters are listening to. Anyway, those are my top 5 reasons to be excited for when Baby Driver hits theaters August 11th

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