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Picture from Empire Magazine
Picture from Empire Magazine

A few weeks back it occurred to me that since we have a new Star Wars film coming out, and since so many of the original cast is set to return I figured it was time for me to revisit the original films (of course, I am referring to the original trilogy, not the prequels). It’s been a while since I saw them and what better excuse for me to rewatch the movies than to prep for the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Within ten minutes of that thought, I instantly changed my mind and decided against it. That may seem a bit odd for some of you folks, but I wanted to try something crazy with this movie;

Give this movie a chance to let it stand on it’s own two feet.

For me, if I watch the original movies so soon before the new one, I am already giving fuel for myself to compare the new film with the old films and I don’t want to do that.

I’m not expecting The Force Awakens to “fix” the series and for it to help erase the “bad” movies. I don’t want the film to have any further pressure that it already has to deal with. My only real requirement for The Force Awakens is to have engaging characters and to be exciting. Just be an entertaining movie.

If anything,  the new film seems to be banking on the hope that your own personal memories of the films would be enough. The way the trailers have been setting up the idea that the original trilogy’s story has become something of a myth might actually help me as I’m watching the new film.

Besides, it’s not like I need to rewatch the movies to help me remember what happened in them. I have seen these movies enough they are burned into my memory.

I’m definitely excited to really get to know our new leads. Is Rey actually the kid of Han and Leia like so many of us thought she is? What will Finn’s story be now that we know he is a renegade Stormtrooper? Poe Dameron hasn’t said a SINGLE line in the film’s trailer, what’s his character like?

Those questions should fuel my interest with new film, not being concerned if they will reference the old movies.

It’s crazy to think the film is coming out so soon. This Thursday we will have a new Star Wars movie, and for many, it’s a huge deal. Of course, it’s a huge deal  to me too….but right now, for me, I’m trying my best to just let me let be hopeful for a new sci-fi adventure film. That’s all it needs to be. The Force Awakens shouldn’t be the savior of the Star Wars franchise….it’s should just be a fun movie…like Star Wars always was.

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