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Okay.  Sit down.  Yes, the title kind of gives away the news, but I’m sure you’re still processing it.

Actual real life reaction shot.
Actual real life reaction shot.

Five years ago today, Scott Pilgrim vs The World was released in theaters.  On this humble date, August 13, in the bygone year of 2010, Edgar Wright released what is one of the most visually amazing movies to ever grace the silver screen.  Do I sound a bit biased?



I love this flick.  With all of my geeky, beardy lil’ heart.  The whole point of this article is just to remind you how awesome this movie.  Perhaps cajole you into sitting down and watching the movie tonight.  Oh, do you not own it?  THEN BUY IT, SILLY PANTS!

Anyways, Happy Pilgrim Day to you!  May you Level Up.


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