What is Agents of GUARD?
Agents of GUARD is a collection of individuals very interested, VERY INTERESTED, in a variety of pop culture topics that look at the world through geek-colored glasses. It’s a virtual pop-culture bonanza.

What does GUARD stand for?
The official acronym of G.U.A.R.D. is [redacted].

What topics are you covering?
We cover movies, Television, Comic Books, Video Games, and Tabletop Games, amongst other things. Basically, fandom and the ever-changing definition thereof.

Will there be videos?
All videos, vlogs, and podcasts are currently in pre-production… stay tuned!

Who are the Agents of GUARD?
Well, check out the Agent Dossiers!

When do posts go up?
Posts go up every day. Every. Day. 7 days a week. New posts daily. Every day, we’ll be posting new content. Every. Day. In case you missed it. Daily.

Why were the agents assembled?
These conversations were already happening every day. After every new movie release, at every comic book store we’ve visited, every time a new video game comes out, we were having these conversations. It’s just that now, they’re out there for all the world to see.

Who are the GUARDians?
The GUARDians are our awesome, awesome fans… LIKE YOU!

How do I contact you?
Via our Contact page! Hit us up! We love fanmail.

How do I advertise on your page?
Shoot us an email via our Contact page, and we can move forward from there!

How do I become an Agent of GUARD?
There are certain requirements. You must be the last son of a dying race and be impervious to gamma rays. Or… Well, as you can see, we’re a brand spanking new site, so we’re still getting all sorted out. Feel free to submit writing or art samples to us via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you once we’re ready to accept new contributors!

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