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Report from Disney’s D23 Expo 2019

August 31, 2019 0

Disney returned to the Anaheim Convention Center on Aug. 23 through 25 for D23 Expo, their biannual fan convention. D23 has grown leaps and bounds…

Report from San Diego Comic-Con 2019

August 15, 2019 0

2019 reaches peak con season in July with Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-Con held within a few weeks of each other. Spending 4th of…

Dreamcasting: Knights of the Old Republic

May 24, 2019 0

There are some pretty heavy rumors swirling about that LucasFilm may be adapting fan-favorite and best Star Wars game ever Knights of the Old Republic…

Report from LA Comic Con 2018

November 4, 2018 0

LA Comic Con has grown since its humble beginnings in 2011 where it was staged inside Kentia Hall, the Los Angeles Convention Center’s underground parking…

Report from NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed

October 9, 2018 0

Puroresu returns to Southern California! WWE may be sailing high financially, but creatively, they’ve hit doldrums not seen since the mid-90’s. Diehard wrestling fans dissatisfied…

Happenings at GUARD

A Tribute To Carrie Fisher

December 30, 2016 0

On December 27, 2016, Carrie Fisher passed away. And the world is a lesser place without her. If you somehow didn't catch this fact, Carrie…

Video Games

A Loser’s Guide to Losing Apex Legends

February 20, 2019 0

Apex Legends, the newest Battle Royale game and the reason your nephew won't talk to or look at you, is taking the gaming community by…