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Witches of Dathomir

The best thing one can say about Comic Con Revolution is that it’s a small con with a big con feel. Since 2017, CCR has become the Inland Empire’s premier pop culture fest and a highlight of the Southern California convention scene. While most conventions have made San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County their homes, CCR has its feet firmly planted at the Ontario Convention Center during the month of May (other than a Christmas-themed event in 2021).

Last year was probably Comic Con Revolution’s biggest show as it included a reunion of the voice actors from Avatar: The Last Airbender, including Mae Whitman (Katara) and Zach Tyler Eisen (Aang), who aren’t regulars of the convention circuit. In addition to a packed panel room, the actors also saw long lines of folks hoping to get autographs and photo opps, as did Mercedes Mone, in one of her first appearances since being released from WWE. The wrestling superstar was formerly known as Sasha Banks as well as Koska Reeves on The Mandalorian.

2024 saw a reunion of the main actors from Star Wars: Rebels and other voice-over artists from the Star Wars animated universe. Unfortunately, Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan Jarrus) and Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren) canceled, but others such as Matt Lanter and Vanessa Marshall were present, alongside Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor, and Ashley Eckstein. Also participating in the Star Wars festivities were author Timothy Zahn, creator of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Daniel Logan, the young Boba Fett of prequel fame.

CCR struck while the mutant iron was white hot by inviting many cast members of X-Men ‘97. The guest list includes Lenore Zann (Rogue), Ross Marquand (Prof. X), AJ LoCascio (Gambit), Isaac Robinson-Smith (Bishop), Gui Agustini (Sunspot), and Matthew Waterson (Magneto). The cast were joined by Larry Houston and Eric & Julia Lewald, producer and showrunners, respectively, of the original animated series.

Samoa Joe

It’s a common sight to see vehicles like the Jurassic Park jeep and Doc Brown’s DeLorean parked in front of the convention center. A new addition this year was Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck of death from the Peacock series Twisted Metal. This signaled the arrival of Samoa Joe, who not only embodies Sweet Tooth, but is a pro wrestling veteran and former AEW World Champion. During his spotlight panel hosted by wrestling journalist Denise Salcedo, Joe discussed being a video gamer, playing the original Twisted Metal on the Playstation, and shooting on location in condemned areas of Louisiana to simulate the post-apocalyptic environments. Former WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas (aka Lita) were also on hand and proved how apt the nickname “Team Bestie” is. Stratus and Dumas had great fun joking around with each other and their fans during their panel while discussing career highlights, including being the first women to main event Monday Night Raw. If that weren’t enough for wrestling fans, former WWE Superstars Victoria, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and The Honky Tonk Man could be found in the exhibit hall.

Adrianne Palicki was another special guest who received her own spotlight panel, hosted by her brother Eric. The siblings discussed a comic book project they worked on years ago called No Angel and how they shared each other’s passion for comics and movies. She also shared her desire to reprise the role of Bobbi Morse for Marvel, a sentiment shared by everyone in the room. The role originated on Agents of SHIELD and was meant to continue in a spinoff called Marvel’s Most Wanted that never went beyond the pilot stage. 

Adrianne Palicki

The exhibit hall itself featured numerous comic book vendors selling everything from expensive Silver and Bronze Age comics to long boxes full of issues discounted to $1 or $0.50. There were plenty of Funko Pops and recently released action figures, but not a lot in the way of vintage toys. Artist Alley was set up in a separate room adjacent to the main hall with major comic book creators such as Adam Kubert, Joshua Cassara, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jae Lee, Greg Land, and Dave Johnson, all of whom have done work for DC and Marvel. Mixed among them were dozens of independent artists selling prints, sketches, and self-published comics.

Comic Con Revolution returns to Ontario next year on May 17 and 18.

Trish Stratus

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