UNvincible-Secret Wars #8

December 9, 2015 0

Secret Wars #8 Published: 12/9/2015 Written by: Jonathan Hickman Art by: Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina             Low and behold, today is the release of…


UNvincible-Invincible Iron Man #1

October 7, 2015 0

Invincible Iron Man #1 Published 10/07/2015 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: David Marquez and Justin Ponsor             Well, well, well, here’s an unexpected…


UNvincible-1872 #3

September 23, 2015 0

1872 #3 Published 9/23/2015 Written by: Gerry Duggan Art by: Nicole Virella and Lee Loughridge             Every once in a while I like to check…


UNvincible — Siege #1

July 15, 2015 0

Siege #1 Published 7/15/2015 Written by: Kieron Killen Art by: Filipe Andrade, James Stokoe, Jorge Coelho, Rachelle Rosenberg This week carried a true dilemma.  The book I should…


UNvincible-A-Force #2

July 1, 2015 0

A-Force #2 Published 7/1/2015 Written by: Marguerite Bennett G. Willow Wilson Art by: Jorge Molina Laura Martin             This review is a long time coming…


UNvincible — Old Man Logan #1

May 27, 2015 0

Old Man Logan #1 Published 5/27/2015 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Andrea Sorrentino Marcelo Maiolo I have a confession to make.  It’s painful…


UNvincible — Secret Wars #1

May 6, 2015 0

Secret Wars #1 Published 5/6/2015 Written by: Jonathan Hickman Art by: Esad Ribic, Ive Svorcina I don’t hate “Secret Wars”.  Perhaps that’s not the best foot…