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NOW, let me explain…this isn’t exactly my TOP TEN list of favorite films of 2013.

Oh, that’s coming, but I’m holding off writing it because I wanted to catch a few more films that came out this year before I settled on my final list.
(I.E. 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Mud and much more.)

That being said, there have been plenty of films that I DID see this year. Some I loved dearly. Some I just really really liked.

So what I decided is to give you guys a quick list on every month of the year and tell you my favorite movies of that month.

Some months will have fours movies I liked…some will have just one.

And yes, of the 24 movies I list, 10 of the will be in my official top ten list. That means that I won’t go into detail on why I picked these movies and my thoughts on them because I don’t want to repeat myself when I get around to writing my Top Ten.

 So for now, consider this a teaser for that Top Ten list.

Ok,  lets look back on the year….starting with……


The Last Stand


Warm Bodies





Evil Dead (2013)


Iron Man 3

The Kings of Summer

Fast and Furious 6

Frances Ha


Much Ado About Nothing

This is the End


Pacific Rim


The Spectacular Now

The Worlds End

You’re Next

Short Term 12


Don Jon




Thor: The Dark World

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire




Inside Llewyn Davis

American Hustle

That, if I do say so myself, was a pretty nice year.

And like I said, not every single movie on here is my ALL time favorite film, but if we’re talking about movies that came out in a certain month, some months were better than others. Hell, before I saw Don Jon recently, the only movie I saw in September was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2….which was….ok. Thankfully, Don Jon did come out in September, and I really enjoyed that movie.

Did I enjoyed it enough for it to be in my Top Ten Favorites of 2013? You gotta wait and find out.


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