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It’s not easy to admit, but I’ve definitely been putting off writing about The Flash this season. I was excited about it all summer and here I am, procrastinating like it’s the week before college finals! The first few episodes haven’t really had me excited at all, to be honest, which is a major bummer given that it was hands-down my favorite show on tv earlier this year. (This week’s episode may have turned things around, though.) I really found the first few episodes to be ultra-boring, with characters falling into their same old stereotypes and clichés, dead characters not actually being dead, and plot outcomes being really predictable. You can look forward to my reviews soon, though.

Hi. You were a great villain last season. But I thought we closed out your arc. Why are you still here?!

A couple of people have asked me if I’ll be writing about Arrow at all, and my answer is that right now I am just not sure. I didn’t even finish last season because I was so tired of the Ra’s al Ghul plotline and feeling like Arrow was just a cheap Batman ripoff. To go from being a pretty huge fan of the show to calling Arrow a cheap Batman ripoff in one season is pretty bad! I don’t really feel inclined to watch the show at all, but it might happen if I get bored enough I guess. (Do you hear me, CW? That’s what it’s come to!)

So, what have I been watching lately?

“I was being chased by a giant dinosaur but I think I managed to give it the slip.”

First and foremost, I FINALLY caught up with the rest of the world and watched Series 8 of Doctor Who (the first season with Peter Capaldi.) I don’t think I’ve ever written about it here, but I’ve actually been a Doctor Who fan since circa 2005, right when the show came back on the air. I really, truly love how much the show has evolved- from plastic props and no-budget wardrobes to fantastical special effects and really dramatic sets, and every season the ante is upped. Peter Capaldi did a great job (though was rather disorienting at first) playing the doctor, although I find Clara to be a very ho-hum companion and at times want to reach through my television screen and bitch-slap her for the way she talks to people.

I’ve been keeping up with some new anime as well; I’m really excited about the second season of K that is airing right now. It’s a beautiful, fun show and while I wish it had slightly more substance at times the second season seems to bring about some new and exciting developments. I also caught up on Fairy Tail, which I was about a million episodes behind on, and I have some mixed reviews on that which would probably warrant a stand-alone article. There are a couple of other simulcasts I need to start like S2 of Haikyu!! and God Eater, but otherwise there are not too many exciting animes that I’m drawn to with new episodes out. I did pick up a couple of Blu-Ray and DVD sets, like I finally bit the bullet and purchased Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and also Baka and Test, which for some reason all my streaming services have pulled or don’t have dubs for.

Happy Halloween/Wizarding Games from Fairy Tail!!!

I’ve never really written about my (small?) obsession with Korean Drama here at Agents of GUARD, but I actually watch a pretty fair amount of it. I just finished watching two that were pretty good. Oh My Ghostess is a fun show about a young (20s?) female ghost who is apparently stuck on earth until she resolves her grudge…but she can’t remember what it is. She’s been told it’s probably because she died a virgin and never knew love, so she sets out to find the perfect man and accidentally gets stuck inhabiting the body of a timid young female chef who just so happens to work for a hotshot young celebrity chef with looks that could kill. I liked the show because the plot was hilarious on a superficial level, but it also had a whole other layer to it as the ghost girl finds her original family and watches their grieving as they live without her, and she discovers that there may be more to the details of her death than the police files show.

Fun fact: the lead female (the girl in the middle) is the highest paid female Korean actress on television!

The other series I watched and enjoyed was My Unfortunate Boyfriend, about a young woman who sets out to get her dream job at a super-competitive PR agency, and against all odds gets hired as an intern but her fate becomes inexplicably tangled with the young groundskeeper at the firm, known to employees as “Mr. Unfortunate” due to his streak of bad luck. This series wasn’t particularly deep or compelling, but was really fun to watch and some of the situations the characters are put in have hilarious results.

I’m also long overdue to check out a couple of expansions to my favorite games. I am VERY overdue to play the expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and recently Witcher 3: Wild Hunt came out with an expansion as well. I sank hundreds of hours into both games and will replay them for years without question, so any new content is a must-play for me.

I also had the opportunity to play a few rounds of the beta of Star Wars: Battlefront which is due to launch very soon on November 17th! It was highly enjoyable and I will absolutely be picking it up to do a more in-depth review. I am also planning to pick up Rainbow Six, which you may recall I beta-tested during the SDCC madness. I was disappointed to see that Battleborn, the other game I tested during SDCC has been pushed out to a February release date. I hope that they are fixing the bugs we encountered during our test play 😉

“Impressive…most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet!”

I guess since we’re talking about games I’m obligated to talk a little bit about Halo 5, but I haven’t played it yet. I also heard that there are only like five hours of play in story mode. What the heck is up with that?! Sure, it’s no secret that Halo’s multiplayer modes have always been much more popular, but I always did play through and enjoy the story modes. I might wait a couple of months before picking it up, if that’s the case, but I’ll need to check out more reviews and talk to some friends about it first.

I can’t believe that 2016 is just around the corner! It seems like just yesterday that we were discussing things we were looking forward to in 2015

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