First of all, we’d all like to thank you for taking this leap from the lion’s head with us.  A lot of time, pizza, humorous tangents, and brainstorming has gone together to make this little labor of love which you see before you.  The official Agents of GUARD website.  It’s here and believe us, we’re far more surprised than you that it actually exists.  And boy howdy, are we proud to have done this.

But the fun doesn’t stop here!  Read on and see what we have in store for Agents of GUARD!


As you know, there are as many Agents of GUARD as there are days in the week.  As such, we’ve decided that each one of us will be taking over blogging duties for a particular day.  So, if say, you’re a huge fan of Agent Aaron’s writing, check back with us every Tuesday for his digital adventures in geekery.

Our schedule is as follows:

Mondays – Agent Justin
Tuesdays – Agent Aaron
Wednesdays – Agent Patrick
Thursdays – Agent Nathan
Fridays – Agent Bobby
Saturdays – Agent Denise
Sundays – Agent Earl

Now, these are just our main Agents, and we’ll have guest bloggers here and there so everyone get into the fun!

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