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Dear Agents,

I was planning to live tweet this from the E3 show floor and have it all aggregated into one post about E3.  I didn’t get that to work.  Instead I’m just going to pretend I kept a hand-written journal and I’m transcribing it into my word processor.  Sidenote: In my mind, every hand-written journal is bound in leather with leather thong you wrap around the book to keep it closed.  Also, it looks mighty and weathered, despite the fact that I may have just purchased it at Barnes & Noble the day prior.

Day 1, 1/11/2013

4:50pm – I just finished dealing with non-E3 duties at the homefront.  Currently looking for parking.  I refuse to pay $10 to park.

4:56pm – Parking found. I’m sitting in my car a little over half a mile away from the convention center. A man asks me for change. I give him what I have in my pocket.  Then I realize I parked at a meter and probably needed that. Contemplated asking for my change back.  Realized this would just end bad all around.

5:01pm – Halfway to the convention center, I realize that badge pickup may no longer open.  I check on my phone.

5:09pm – No, it’s fine they’re still open. Cell data is already horribly slow this close to the convention center.  In the vicinity, there are too many socially awkward people staring at their phones instead of talking to each other.

5:12pm – My eyes fall on the LA convention center. I realize that I forgot my water bottle in my car. Don’t feel like walking back.  I’m just going to pretend I’m not thirsty.

5:15pm – Standing in line to pick up my badge. Staring at my phone instead of interacting with IRL people.

5:16pm – I have my badge.  It is louder and than most badges I have had the past. Also, the advertisements on it make it obscenely large.

5:20pm – On the show floor, South Hall. Ran into someone from college, and someone not from college.  I don’t know if they would like me to keep their identity secret. I will do so for their safety. E3 is like a nerd rave. Instead of ecstasy, it smells like electricity and sweat.  It is probably just as loud.  Also, Agent Earl has most likely never been to a rave.


5:30pm – There are many things to look at.  I stop by the Square-Enix booth.  HD Remixes.  Everywhere.  Will most likely still buy.  Also, new Final Fantasy.

5:35pm – Walking around floor as quickly as possible to survey everything for tomorrow.  Run into guy I tested with at Activision and Treyarch.  Many hi-fives were exchanged.

5:45pm – On my way to West Hall to see the First-Party exhibitions.

5:50pm – West Hall is closed.

5:55pm – I can’t tell if this man is mocking me and the other Agents, or his security company is legit.  The latter is most likely true.



6:00pm – There is a giant mech statue in the lobby that I completely failed to see on my way in.

6:10pm – Attempted to buy bacon-wrapped hot dog outside convention center.  I didn’t have $4.00.  I only had $2.00.  Considered haggling.  Realized I would be doing bacon a disservice.

6:20pm – Back at my car. I probably shouldn’t park here tomorrow.  Feels like it would be poorly lit at night, also there is not a soul within a quarter mile of me.

6:30pm – Sitting in car, eating sunflower seeds. Mmm.

-End Day 1-

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