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Me and Matt Benson are back!

Episode 2 of our monthly Steven Spielberg podcast has arrived.

This was one of those films that I have been meaning to do a proper viewing since I first saw it, and I was really looking forward to checking the film out now with fresher eyes.

Part of the fun for me about doing this show with Matt is seeing the film from his perspective.  I take for granted that I grew up appreciating Spielberg movies, while Matt doesn’t have that same appreciation. Why I look at The Sugarland Express as an early piece from a director that I’m fond of, Matt is seeing the film from an angle that’s not as rose-colored as mine.

I’m gonna have to point out again that Benview on Spielberg is FULL of spoilers so if you haven’t seen The Sugarland Express we will discuss plot points in detail.

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Just one more thing*….

The next episode is NOT going to be THE famous movie that Spielberg did. Matt surprised me during the recording of this episode and suggest that we stick around the early works of Spielberg and discuss his little seen TV work.  Makes sense, and it allows us see more of his work before he got it big.

So, hopefully you’ll enjoy this episode and well see you guys next week!

*Shhhh, this was a hint at what we are gonna be watching. Start investigating.

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