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Its been hinted. Its been speculated. Its been dreamcasted. But now its official:
The Rock is playing Black Adam in the upcoming SHAZAM movie!

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The Rock announced the casting on his twitter account early this morning:

As a huge fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I cannot wait to see what he’ll do as Black Adam. The Rock seems to get a kick out of playing the bad guy, having been a heel version of himself on WWE, to his role in the movie Doom. No, I’m not saying Doom is a good movie, but The Rock was awesome in it. Which is his usual modus operandi.
As for the character Black Adam, in the DC Universe, he is the Egyptian Champion of the Wizard SHAZAM. But he was corrupted by the power and started craving more. Though the reasons for this thirst for power may be attributed to the murder of his family. Depending on what the writers of the movie want, Black Adam could be a great villain or an even greater Anti-Hero.
So what do you think of the casting? Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?
(And yes, I do regret that last sentence).



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