Dig It: ARMADA by Ernest Cline

September 20, 2015 0

Let's get one thing clear before I start writing this here article about the book Armada: the author, Ernest Cline, really, REALLY likes the 80's.…


Paper Towns Trailer

March 26, 2015 0

The trailer for Paper Towns just recently birthed itself into our universe, and you can check it out below: Paper Towns, as the trailer…


This Year in Books (2014)

January 1, 2015 0

Staring down the barrel of 2015 is making me nervous, down to my bones. With the exception of a rough December, 2014 has been a…

Deadgirl B.C. Johnson Announcements

Deadgirls Need Covers Too

September 25, 2014 1

So, I'm known 'round these parts as Agent Bobby, purveyor of (creative?) profanity and non-sequitur Riker gifs. But sometimes, when I slide down my batpole…