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As time moves on I think this series will be looked back on fondly.

These may not be some of my favorite books/movies, but I do think they are really excellent entertainment.

I really liked the first book, and dug the first movie, thought it had some flaws in the action directing from director Gary Ross. I thought the second book was really good too and it only got better when it hits the end.

The second film is not only better made then the first film, but is also one of those rare book adaptations that’s actual close to the source material.

Now, I’ve decided to not read Mockingjay. I kinda wanna experience this a movie first, see how I take the story with out wondering what they will take out or keep from the book.

I love how big this new film is, and I love that it’s now a straight up war story. I’m really intrigued with how Peeta is being used in the story. I love seeing Effie out of her element. Here’s hoping Gail has something to do this time.

I love how director Frances Lawrence really found his way with these Hunger Game movies. I always thought he was a filmmaker with a solid visual style (Constantine is a damn fine looking film.) but I wasn’t crazy about his last few movies (I am Legend and Water for Elephants). But in making Catching Fire, he really found his a series that fits his style and his action directing.

Since I never read the book I hope there is enough material to make it work as two movies and to not make it feel like it’s a film that’s full of padding till part two comes out.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 will be out in theaters on November 20, 2014. 



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