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Born and raised in California, Nathan has been a fiend for geeky pop culture for years. ESPECIALLY comic books and movies. Can't get enough. He also likes writing his own comic books (The Shrouded City) and drinking sparkling water. Maybe it shows we've grown as a society that nobody makes fun of him for making comic books... but he does get a lot of s**t for drinking sparkling water. Win some, lose some. If you feel like it, you can follow his twitter musings: @natethegreater


We geeks are a peculiar crowd.  We are passionate.  We are deeply involved.  We sometimes, maybe often, sound like absolute idiots.  Jerks, even, if I may use such crass language.  Yes, as a geek, I find myself angry NOT at people who don’t share my passions, but most of the time angry at the geek across the back issue bin from me.  Angry, or mystified, or pitying, or just plain gob-smacked.  There are certain members of our illustrious order of pop culture consumers that shouldn’t be allowed out of their proverbial mom’s basement.

Yes, if she only knew.
Yes, if she only knew.

But if they didn’t open their mouths and excrete mind farts from said orifice, then Our Valued Customers wouldn’t exist.  And that would be an ever bigger shame.

Our Valued Customers is a collection of one panel comics that depict snippets of overheard conversations in a comic store located in Somewhere, USA.  (No, that is not a real town, but nobody needs to get fired IRL, now do they?)  Drawn by “MRTIM!”, these caricatures capture each perpetrator of non-thought crime perfectly.  What they said, and how they look… well, I’ve met them.  If you have spent more than 8 minutes in a comic shop, then you’ve met them, too.  I’m sure of it.  Some how, some way.  Their double goes to my shop and thinks these thoughts, and says these words.

Pretty much our entire argument here at GUARD.
Pretty much our entire argument here at GUARD.
Makes sense.
Makes sense.


The first collection of Our Valued Customers is for sale on Amazon.  I bought it.  I loved it.  If you buy it, you’ll love it, too.

Behold!  READING

There, I did my pitch.  Now here’s a few sample comics just cuz they be funny, yo!

Yes.  Sucked.  In "past" tense.
Yes. Sucked. In “past” tense.
This Guy.  He sucks.
This Guy. He sucks.
...and now I know more about his guy than I wanted to know.
…and now I know more about his guy than I wanted to know.
And finally the awful truth.
And finally the awful truth.


And don’t worry, kids, MRTIM! has many, MANY, many, many, many, many more archived comics.  SO MANY.  Enjoy!

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