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Last night the CW gave us the first official glimpse at the Scarlet Speedster himself, Barry Allen.  Holy hell, I’m really excited!  I know I’m been the least disappointed by Arrow out of us Agents but this bypasses every low standard I have for any CW production.


The lighting sparks!  The slow motion run!  The fanboy-goober excitement!  Barry Allen is almost here and thank god he’s not a shadow-y sad Eeyore of a superhero.  I might be getting too light-headed about this.  Let me catch my breath.  I’m sure they put Arrow in this teaser trailer to entice non-comic fans of the show to jump on board the Barry train but what it actually does is showcase a wonderful juxtaposition.  Arrow is brooding and dark in this very neutral background but the Flash is bright, happy, and full of life.

I really hope the show continues in this vein because it looks perfect.

[QUICK ADDITION!:  As soon as we posted this, a full 5-minute trailer for The Flash show went up, so… HERE IT IS!]

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