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Guardians of the Galaxy was almost inappropriately amazing. It made oodles of noodles of money, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The casting was excellent, especially considering just how bat-crap crazy and outside the box they had to get with some of the characters. A one-sentence spewing tree-man? An angry raccoon? Well, damn, how can they beef up such an incredible cast of characters like that?
Well like this, yo!


Published 1969!
Published 1969!

Here’s something you most likely did not know about Guardians of the Galaxy… it started in 1969. And it was weird, which you probably did suspect. They started with the above four characters: (from left to right) Vance Astro, Charlie-27, Martinex, and Yondu.  Yes, Yondu showed up in the movie, played by Michael Rooker.
He looks WAY different than the “noble savage” Yondu was originally designed to be.
I’m not complaining, mind you. In fact, I’m very curious what James Gunn could do with more characters from the Guardians section of the Marvel Universe. With that spirit at heart, I have some humble suggestions for new characters for the second (or third?) Guardians of the Galaxy movies:
index Jake-jake-gyllenhaal-868567_1500_1860
Jake Gyllenhaal as Vance Astro.  Vance Astro is a time-displaced human astronaut with telekinetic powers and a huge fanboy love for Captain America. Jake Gyllenhaal has the time-displaced action hero part down, thanks to Source Code and Prince of Persia. And he’s got the chops to play a tortured soldiers and officers in Jarhead and Prisoners. Take his good looks, and what the hell, throw in some telekinetic powers, and you have an interesting contender for leadership. How would Star-Lord handle it?
char RAW_1052_Photo_114
CM Punk as Charlie-27.  Charlie-27 is a genetically-engineered soldier from Jupiter. Okay, yes, I know weird casting, but hang in there for a second. CM Punk made me interested in Wrestling again not by his physical prowess… but by his voice. The guy knows how to command your attention. And Charlie-27 is a character who demands attention. Big, both physically and vocally, I would love to see Charlie-27 get the Hulk CGI treatment. And heck, why not throw CM Punk’s face into that CGI mix? As for the character, Charlie-27 would be a great addition to the Guardians, simply because he would be a character who would be used to order and discipline… which is something the other Guardians would laugh (fake or real) at.
2661015-ohotmu_a_to_z__4___page_28 troy-baker-365207l
Troy Baker as Martinex. The last of his species from the planet Pluto, Martinex T’Naga was a scientist before he joined the Guardians. His body is completely composed of crystals, so you also have a very visually interesting design. I think Troy Baker, the main male voice actor of video games The Last of Us and Bioshock: Infinite, knows how to convey loss, pain, and regret. As for the character, perhaps his people were brought into existence by an Infinity Stone, or he was doing research on one?
387011-14223-cosmo_large "Guardians Of The Galaxy" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals
Mark Hamill voicing Cosmo.  You’ve actually already seen Cosmo in the movie. Now, did you know he is in the comics? Or that he has telepathic and telekinetic powers? Or that he talks… in a RUSSIAN ACCENT? This is just a fun character to have, especially if we let Mark Hamill have a blast with a fake Russian Dog accent. Does a fake Russian Dog accent exist? I don’t know, but I bet Mark Hamill has a few versions ready to go. As for the character, not only would Rocket have a connection to him, but who knows what Cosmo might have knowledge of in his possible 50 years in space?
1082 Naomi Scott
Naomi Scott as Nikki.  Nikki Gold is from a genetically modified line of humans designed to live on the planet Mercury. Not only is she “hot-headed” (get it?!), but she is also very funny and light hearted. I watched Terra Nova recently (thanks NetFlix), and thought Naomi Scott was not only very pretty, but really funny and likeable. She could easily play Nikki as a everywoman in the insane position of having to save the galaxy. As for the character, she would be a great addition as bringing a younger and more innocent view point to these already jaded characters. And who knows, maybe Drax and Rocket would take her under their wing?
Starhawk_GotG_vol2_issue5 helfer-number-6-returns-tricia-helfer-joins-syfy-s-ascension
Tricia Helfer as Starhawk.  Starhawk is a being of immense power and mystery. Literally composed of two people fused together by massive power, which the two people were husband and wife. I propose we just make Starhawk a woman, because why not? And who better to play “One Who Knows”, a character with so much wisdom and cryptic words, than Tricia Helfer? Helfer played Six in the new Battlestar Galactica show, with an easy allure and mystery. As for the character, what would be more fun and infuriating than the Guardians having to deal with Starhawk, who would be like a ramped up Queen Galadriel in space?
710143-mantis_and_groot_super ellen-wong-02
Ellen Wong as Mantis.  Mantis is a trippy space martial artist with antennae. She is also telepathic and the only one besides Rocket who can communicate with Groot. I think Ellen Wong could bring a fun ancient childish aspect to Mantis. As for the character, she could be a soothing aspect to a team that only has Groot for the niceties.
phyla-vell-quasar morealice1
Ashley Greene as Quasar.  Quasar, also known as Phyla-Vell, is the wielder of the Quantum Bands, and the sister of Mar-Vell. For a character that is both overwhelmed and totally used to all the insanity in her life, I believe Ashley Greene has the right charm to deal with all the character and situations have to offer. As for the character, perhaps their is some correlation between Quasar and the Nova Corps? And what about that brother of hers?
moondragon large
Noomi Rapace as Moondragon.  Moondragon is a telepathic martial artist, and also in the comics…? The daughter of Drax the Destroyer! But who can pull off bald yet beautifully badass? I’m thinking Noomi Rapace has what it takes. Not only is she beautiful, but she can play intense with the best of them, thanks to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy. And I think her natural accent would add an interesting dimension to Moondragon. And if Gunn feels like making her the same color as Drax, I’d be cool with it! As for the character, Gamora can attest to Thanos just taking children to turn into his own, how much more insult could Drax take knowing Thanos corrupted and tortured his daughter that he thought was dead?
adam warlock Robert-Capa-In-Sunshine-cillian-murphy-as-robert-capa-in-sunshine-18587244-600-800
Cillian Murphy as Adam Warlock.  Adam Warlock has come a long way as a character. But where he is now is very cool. Basically, he’s an artificially created being who in turn becomes a space wizard. I love it! And who can look the part of perfect, yet a little TOO perfect? Cillian Murphy! And the eyes, can’t forget those eyes! He’s played the haunted man with too much knowledge in Sunshine, and he knows how to play it strange and slightly creepy with Scarecrow in Batman Begins. As for the character, isn’t someone on Earth messing around with artificial beings? And what the heck, maybe Star-Lord’s dad had a hand in Warlock’s creation?

Okay, those are my picks for the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie!  Let me know what you think, I’d be glad to hear from you!

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