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A few years ago, I was having a music conversation with a friend of mine named James. We were talking about punk rock, and in every case of  when people talk about music, this question inevitably comes up…

“Hey, have you ever heard of (fill in band name here)?”

Why do we always seem to ask that question? Because we all secretly hope to be that person who introduces something great to another person.

Well, this time out, my friend James asked me “Ever heard heard of a band called Death?”

I did not, and his face lit up. He proceeded to tell me about three brothers from Detroit who played music that was basically punk before The Ramones and the Sex Pistols. He told me quickly how influential they were, and that only now they were being discovered.

Later that day I jumped on to YouTube and proceed to listen to this…

My brain basically melted.

It was just awesome punk music, but the story of what happened to these guys really got my interest.

Thankfully it also got the interest of filmmakers  Mark Christopher Covino,and Jeff Howlett as they made the documentary “A Band Called Death.”

Check out the trailer below….

This looks great, and I can’t wait to see more people get infected with the sounds of Death thanks to this film.

A Band Called Death” will get a limited release so check here to see when it hits theaters near your town.


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