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Trick ‘r Treat

Director(s): Michael Dougherty

Writer(s): Michael Dougherty

Starring: Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker



I was recently at the Comic Con International in San Diego earlier this month (like most of the cats…or GUARDians… or Cat GUARDians on this site) and in the midst of ultimate fandom, I noticed I talked more about a gem of a horror anthology flick that I always keep in my top 10 lists of horror flicks to watch on Halloween, Trick ‘r Treat. Now maybe it’s because this particular horror flick is produced by a powerhouse in the Geek-verse, Bryan Singer, director of the good/great/epic X-men flicks or perhaps one of the stars of the flick is Rogue herself, Anna Paquin. Sure, this flick has some major geek ties that may have influenced my noggin subconsciously to incessantly talk about this flick in the middle of geek Mecca that is Comic Con but let me be clear folks, this is a LEGIT horror flick that I would have been raving about on any given occasion…at least an occasion that gets me in a room with other freaks such as myself with the interest in the macabre.


My love for horror anthology flicks is no secret on this site but what make Trick ‘r Treat so memorable is the creativity in the writing. With most of the horror anthologies I enjoy, there’s usually a story that ties all the other creepy tales together. Whether it is a comic book, a pile of VHS tapes or a creepy demon that pops out of a casket to scare the living crap out of you, there’s always a solid delivery system that presents each tale of horror goodness. With Trick ‘r Treat however, we are treated to interwoven stories that take place on my favorite night of the year, Halloween night. Each tale contains a good twist that keeps you in your seat, not necessarily out of fear but the fact that this flick just comes off in such a cool manner with its style and storytelling.


The tone of the movie reminds me of Pulp Fiction, where each story was a solid tale that would stand on its own if it was a movie all in itself but works perfectly in a small dose and somehow perfectly stitches up with the other tales which equates to a well – executed movie that is the kind fast – paced horror flick that is a treat on ANY horror movie night with a group of friends looking to be entertained.


The Principal – There’s more to the nice man that lives in the nice house on Halloween night giving out treats. A lesson is about to be in session and the victims are the true tests.


Come PLAY with meeeeeeeee!


Surprise Party – A group of gals have a mission to finally get one of their friends to do the sexual deed as they head on over to a Halloween Party that will end in a bloody mess.


I love you Rogue. Love...You.
I love you Rogue. Love…You.


The Halloween School Bus Massacre – Practical jokes and Urban Legends don’t mix in this tale that reminds everyone that all spooky stories come from a kernel of truth.


This is MY kind of party bus!


Meet Sam – The most fun story of the bunch, a mean old curmudgeon is terrorized by a by a ghoulish force that will force the old man to confront his past sins.


Na na na na na na na na SACK HEAD!
Na na na na na na na na SACK HEAD!

Not lying folks, it was difficult writing those short synopsis without giving too much away, there’s a fun twist to each story that makes this flick worth watching. I HIGHLY recommend watching this movie with friends; it’s the perfect group horror flick that will make the audience hoot and/or holler when the twist is revealed which is not NEARLY as satisfying if you were watching it alone. Get some freaks (or friends) together and enjoy what contemporary horror anthology can bring to the table!



Life is FAR more interesting when we take interest in things that scare us.

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