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Creepshow TV Series – Season 3 (2021)

Horror Anthology extraordinaire, Creepshow Season 4 is now available on the horror streaming powerhouse that is SHUDDER started strong and continued its strength in following the tried and true formula of having a great variety in storytelling while keeping its vintage flare. Let’s roll onto another four tales in the latest season! 

The Last Tsuburaya

Director(s): Jeffrey F. January

Writer(s): Paul Dini, Stephen Langford

Starring: Brandon Quinn, Jade Fernandez, Gina Hirazumi

YES. Let’s start off this entry with a tale as old as time but still so damn satisfying. An Asshole decides to purchase something ancient, then disrespects it in such a way that makes you want to kill them yourself, then gets what’s coming to them in bloody fashion. Seriously, that’s the story but you know what? It was SUCH fun to watch because if there is something horror anthology does so well is to accentuate the Ass-holery of an Asshole character. I believe it’s the advantage of having to tell a story in a shorter amount of time. The writing has no choice but to make a character as unlikeable as possible right away and boy, does this story DELIVER. Credit to Brandon Quinn for making me want to throw him out the window within the first five minutes and major KUDOS to the creature feature team who made the Big Bad look incredible with all the physical attributes to make you cheer for the BAD to punish the WORST. 

RAF = Resting A-HOLE Face
I present you the cure for RAF…

Okay, I’ll Bite

Director(s): John Harrison

Writer(s): John Harrison

Starring: Nicholas Massouh, Nic Starr, Jackson Beals

Following the trend from the first tale, this was a fun entry where a wimpy prisoner makes some new friends within the cracks of the prison walls and helps him get revenge on the other cruel inmates. I’m sure most folks have had the fantasy of getting even with bullies with a more powerful advocate but for horror freaks, it’s always taken to another level since we have…a lot more…macabre imagination. It’s always a treat to see events unfold where you know these bullies will get what’s coming to them but it’s an extra treat when the one being wronged actually joins the ranks of the macabre themselves so this tale was damn satisfying. For those that have Arachnophobia, fair warning now…THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS ENTRY. What are you even doing reading this entry? Go watch it now! No spiders, I swear!  

The Itsy Bitsy Spiiiiider…
…climbed the water spout…then used a human as a cocoon and made it look terrifying and…ugh, yeah.

Stranger Sings

Director(s): Axelle Carolyn

Writer(s): Jordana Arkin

Starring: Kadianne Whyte, Suehyla El-Attar Young, Chris Myers

Can we fit a little love in this darn series? Creepshow has got you covered! This was a fun entry that also managed to slightly pull on the heartstrings a bit while definitely delivering on the creature features as well. A milk-toast doctor meets a gal that makes his heart flutter only to discover that she has a proposition that he’ll be forced to deal with under the threat of gory death. As dire as that sounded, I had fun with this tale because the actors did a great job selling the horrifically tense situation and the payoff ending was wonderful that made you remember that in the midst of the blood, claws, horns, teeth, etc. the ultimate goal is to have fun with these short stories and this was a great representation of what this series has to offer. 

The Tinder Fantasy…
The Tinder REALITY

Meter Reader

Director(s): Joe Lynch

Writer(s): John Esposito

Starring: Victor Jonathan Schaech, Abigail Dolan

There are times where I watch an entry and almost feel slighted that it was over. Don’t get me wrong, I think we all can agree at this point that I love horror anthologies (feel free to search my vault kiddos) but man, there are a couple tales where I wish I could see a full, fleshed-out version of the story since I feel like there wasn’t enough the first time around. This entry set in a post-apocalyptic future where demons possess people like a pandemic (see what they did there?) And the ones who are immune choose to seek out and eradicate the evil. I’m sure in the real world, an army of demons can come crashing through the White House and be called “Fake News” but it’s interesting how once infected, there is no turning back and death is the only option. The short was able to establish a world and even have a new heroine emerge but then, it’s just done and you’re left wanting to see more of the journey of our protagonist and even explore this established world a bit more because it’s not quite zombies and not just demons but it’s a world where possessions are common and I LOVE THAT IDEA. Fingers crossed someone takes notice and makes this tale into a full feature! 

Wild Thaaannnggg…
You make man heart saaaaannnggg

Alright folks, see you next month with our final entry for Creepshow Season 4 and start writing to Shudder and tell them to start sending me my checks, we can split the dough…5/95 split my way? 

Life is FAR more interesting when we take interest in things that scare us.

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