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One of my favorite things about being a film fan is to recommend my friends films that they may not have seen/heard of before.

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda dig discovering a film first (full length or short film) just so I can be THAT guy who introduced someone to something cool.

It’s a small bit of nerd pride.

Funny enough, I almost don’t even know how to introduce this film.

Let’s start off with a question….do you love old school musicals? Fred Astaire? Gene Kelly? Are you a big fan of that?

Because I am. Those movies are astounding, but the main magic of those movies is the amazing physical feats that guys like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly did in their dancing that blew me away. No cgi, no camera tricks…just their incredible skills as dancers captured on screen.

I used to think they don’t make guys like them anymore.

Well….I guess I was wrong.

There’s one dancer/filmmaker whose been making some really impressive work online, and when I found out about his Kickstarter campaign to make this short film, I got excited to see what he could do.

And folks, I wasn’t disappointed with the results. He made a film that feels old fashioned, yet very modern. And it’s very entertaining.

Well readers of GUARD, allow me to introduce Daniel Cloud Campos, and this is his short film….TODAY’S THE DAY.

I hope you guys really dug it. I thought it was fantastic. Campo’s visuals are amazing and he shoots the dance sequences with zeal and incredible energy.

I love the sweet nature toned of the whole film. I felt that the movie’s mission was to make you happy and for me it did. It’s just endlessly charming.

The music and the songs are all top notch, and Campo’s performance is earnest and immensely likable…oh and his onscreen dancing is just sensational.

I love Danny DeVito in this, and they used him just right without relying on him to be too mean or too sweet.

If I can just give one criticism? I honestly felt that the scene in the film which Cloud’s dialogue was cut out, as Mr. Bee’s was listening, I personally felt that the moment would have been stronger had they kept his dialogue in. I wanted to hear him explain his passion, I wanted to be swayed the way that Mr. Bee was swayed. In a movie filled with great musical magic, I thought this was the moment for the movie to have a honest and truthful beat. By cutting out the dialogue, it only took me out and reminded me that this was a MOVIE. I felt that this was the moment that movie could have added a bit more grounded emotion to it, and that would make this film as a whole stronger.

But truthfully, that’s a minor issue. This film is a joy, and since I’ve seen it I’ve already watched it 4 times.

I remember that the plan was to hopefully make this into a feature length film. Well,  here’s me wishing that comes true because if anything I need more of this film.

Todays the Day Still

If you liked this film and wanted to see Daniel Cloud Campo’s other works, check out his YouTube Channel HERE.

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