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I realize that I’ve become the main guy who writes about Fan Films on this site.

I think what comes down to it is this, I normally think fan films aren’t very good.

Most of the time, fan films at best have great costumes but very little understanding on how to make a good movie.

I’m just talking about getting the bare essentials in filmmaking, in which fan films don’t know how to do.

So knowing all that, when I write about a fan film on the site, I honestly think it’s worth a watch.

This Firefly fan (produced by LOOT CRATE.)  is a prime example of that.


Credit to these guys for making this feel like the show through and through.

The editing, lighting, sound design and the music are all spot on.

I also think it was a smart movie to create new characters as oppose to using Mal, Zoe, River etc.

Sure, the new characters clearly echo our beloved Serenity crew, but the short film does a solid job of setting up different dynamics for this characters. Truthfully, the character dynamics were so good, I honestly could watch a few more episodes with this crew.

Acting is solid all around, with the cast nailing the very specific Whedon style delivery. One of the few knocks I’m giving it is that the dialogue gets too exposition-y for my taste, but I understand that they needed to do that simply because they are introducing new characters and they have a short amount of time to do that.

Overall, this was a ton of fun. A really solid fan film, and one that I’d honestly think the Firefly fans would get a kick out of. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear fans beg for a Kickstarter campaign to see more adventures of this crew as well.


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