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Click to expand all over your monitor’s face.

I’ve slathered myself in excitement. I’ll let you decide what that means.

So, looks like for suresy we’ve got Vin Diesel of  The Fast and the Furious series fame, providing the voice and mocap of the ent-like Groot. Former WWE Superstar Batista will be along for the ride as the Kratos-looking Drax the Destroyer.  Bradley Cooper of The Hangover franchise fame will be providing vocal talents for Rocket Racoon.  Chris Pratt, who most might recognize from Parks and Recreation will be playing Peter Quill/Star-Lord.  And, of course, we have Zoe Saldana, whom I shall always remember as Officer Torres from The Terminal (I know, right?) as Gamora.

I’m seriously forgetting that it’s New Year’s Eve right now… kinda like every other NYE, I suppose.

AUGUST 2014!

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