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Written by: Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon

Directed by: Milan Cheylov


Plot: The team must investigate the kidnapping of a scientist, Franklin Hall, relying on Skye when the plan goes awry.

Review:  The show is slowly…and I do mean…SLOOOOOOWLY forming it self.  It’s not there yet, but growth is being shown.

Lets also point something else out, even thought this is a Mutant Enemy show, Joss Whedon isn’t really as involved as he was with his other shows. He’s busy writing the next Avengers film. So we have to hope that the shows actual producers,  Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, and Jeffery Bell have it in them to deliver the promises that this series can go.

My little theory? It’s only three episodes in, and the shows goal is to be a simple procedural. Somethings going, the team investigates, they are bad ass while doing it, and boom, case solved. Easy enough right? Makes it seem like it’s NCIS or something. No big deal.

Maybe the plan is letting the audience into a lull of this being “another procedural” and soon, BOOM, start laying down the mythology building and letting the characters into exciting places.

Again, theory. I’m pulling for this to happen, and if that is their plan, then question of course is WHEN will that happen? Or, will the audience even be patient to find out?

Perhaps this episode is the first signs of that mythology building.

Like I said earlier, this series is showing some growth, and personally the mission this time seemed a bit more fun, what with all the gravity defying tricks in the third act.

This episode introduces Dr. Franklin Hall, a scientist who actually taught Fitz and Simmons. We eventually find out that Dr. Hall has much more dangerous plans, and Coulson might have created a new problem while solving the current one.

See, in the comics, Dr. Franklin Hall went from that very typical scientist fellow you see on the top of this review and transformed into…..


GRAVITON!!! Which means yes, he was already messing with gravity during this episode. This weeks POST CREDIT scene was the big hint that Dr. Hall is far from a finished threat. Graviton is a pretty bad ass super villain. He’s fought the Avengers many times, doing  a pretty damn good job of nearly cleaning their clocks every time. Ian Hart is a really strong character actor, and he did a decent job as Dr. Hall in this episode, but if they do bring him back, I can’t wait to see him rip into the role as a full on super villain.

Will that mean he will grow a goatee and a long mane of hair? Will he start wearing capes? I actually honestly hope so. Seeing an actual costumed character in this series will be the first time this show feels like it’s part of the Marvel Universe.  Right now, we’re facing regular normal threats, except with a slight comic book bend. I hope they start pushing the comic book elements even further as the series progresses. But, at the very least, this is the first time they used a concept that hasn’t been in any of the movies, and that’s already a step in the right direction.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but yes, the characters are still stock. They still are pretty 2 Dimensional, and Agent Coulson is the best thing about them. The reveal  from last weeks episode that Skye still has contact with the Rising Tide, they are definitely playing up the angle of will she/won’t she double cross the team. That’s pretty appropriate for a spy show truth be told. Actually, Skye gets to do a lot in this episode, and they are starting really showcase WHY she will be a good addition to the team, not just be the soundboard for Whedonesque quips.

But, it’s not really wowing you guys isn’t it? Yeah, I know, me too, but this show has a lot more pressure then any new show has any right to have. I still feels like they are figuring this out, and one has to wonder if they ever will.

But, the sense of fun is still present, and while the dialogue isn’t as sharp as the usual Mutant Enemy show, it’s still pretty funny from time to time. And hey, I like the fact that this show is kinda family friendly. Not saying it’s aimed for kids, but there isn’t anything in this show that I feel parents wouldn’t let their kids watch.

Right now, the show is a mild distraction. If the show was on when I was in high school, I would have used it as background noise while I was doing homework. Kinda fun, neat seeing the Marvel stuff, but a mild distraction nonetheless.

You know what other show I watched when I was in High School that I used as background noise while doing homework? The first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A little perspective for you folks, and one that I hope will prove it self right.


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