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A few weeks back, Paramount Pictures revealed the first official pictures for the new Terminator film, Terminator: Genisys.

The reaction….was not pleasant.

The fans response to the photos were intensely negative, and in my opinion it made sense.

The way they decided to pose their cast just looked embarrassing. Having them awkwardly hold giant guns while making bizarre screaming faces seemed like an idea of a joke.

So for fun, some of us wanted to showcase what would happen if you just got a couple of dudes with Nerf guns and did those  EXACT…SAME…poses.

Matt Smith as a character that hasn’t been revealed.
Me doing my best to not laugh.


Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese
Agent Patrick as Lyle Reese’s Pieces


Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
Agent Nathan as “Wait he wanted to pretend to be the female role? Um, sure ok.”

No word yet on when Paramount Pictures will release a trailer, but it’s safe to say that the trailer is the last hope they have. The expectation has come from “Wait and see” to “I think I’m gonna pass” for me, thanks to these pictures and to the plot of the film (Sarah has now been raised by the T-800 since she was 9.)

I personally just don’t see the point in making any more Terminator films. It’s become very clear that after T2, there is no where else to go with the story. The story is DONE in T2, making more after that is just scrapping the bottom of the creative barrel.

I would love to be wrong, and until that first trailer pops up, we’ve only got to wonder if these pictures are just the only stumbling block for the films promotion….or the first sign of trouble?


P.S. None of us ended up doing Jason Clarkes picture as John Connor. For fun, if YOU send us YOUR version of the Jason Clarke Terminator picture, we’ll pick the best ones and post them on the site. Here’s the picture….


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