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Use the Credit Card, Luke.
Use the Credit Card, Luke.

Hark!  In the distance!  Fast approaching is Christmas.  It craves your money to give unto others.  And everybody loves being given stuff.  But what kind of stuff?  Sports paraphernalia?  Sure.  Car accessories?  Wevs.

Geeky gifts?  HELL TO THE YES.

So here’s some ideas to throw around your brain pan till it sticks on someone you love…. okay, that came out wrong, but you get what I’m saying.  I’m here to offer you ideas for what to get for your favorite people.  Which will also give you places to check out for your own shopping.

Let’s spin that capitalist economic wheel together, folks!

Right off the bat, its cold.  From now till maybe late February.  How do you help your geeky friend battle Jack Frost’s onslaught?  With warm geeky wear, natch!

beard2 beard1

Faux Viking Beard Helms.  Who doesn’t want a beard?  No one that counts, that’s who.  Especially Viking beards you can take off when the pressure of being that awesome starts to get to them and then need to remove it for the sweet breath of anonymity.  And then but that sucker back on because they never felt so alive!

Film Title: Dr Who. baker2

Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor of Doctor Who fame, had one crazy ass scarf.  That thing was as long as his ego.  But we love him anyway, and he looked like he dressed rather warm.  So follow his cue and buy one of these scarves for a Whovian friend.  Hell, you can go the extra mile and help them cosplay as Tom Baker’s scarf with THESE handy accessories:

baker4 baker3

And boom!  You’ve turned them into a living scarf and one of the more obscure Doctor Who references on two legs.

With the warmth AND smell of an actual Taun Taun!
With the warmth AND smell of an actual Taun Taun!

These sleeping bags exist.  You can just roll yourself up in slightly disturbing nostalgia (this is a reference to cutting a dead carcass open and stuffing Luke Skywalker inside to keep him from freezing to death) and sleep the sleep of Jedi.

Wookiee inside and out.
Wookiee inside and out.

With this jacket, one can wear their Wookiee heart on their sleeve.  Or drop down their devotion a peg and wear the jacket like a person.

Or buy them a dark color longcoat.
Or buy them a long coat.

Or just buy your friend a long coat.  Leather or canvas or whatever.  You can’t go wrong.  Seriously they make whoever wears them feel like a badass with a mysterious past.  You can’t go wrong.


Release the Kraken... on your head.
Release the Kraken… on your head.

Have your friend walk around like they pissed off Davy Jones 24/7.  Or they can embrace it by BECOMING the Kraken!

Uh... yeah.
Uh… yeah.

The Loki-Sleeper-Thor sandwich blanket.  Its both a gift and a message.  The gift being warmth at night.  The message being you kind of gave up on them as a person.  You don’t want them to freeze at night, but the path they are walking is a dark one.  Hopefully its a phase…

Okay, so how about something to do for them while they wait out the cold?  Get them the first nine books of the Dresden Files collected in four hardcovers!  Why?  Because I said so!

Books One through Nine!
Books One through Nine!

I love this series.  Excellent popcorn action writing and imaginative as hell.  Get someone addicted as soon as possible!

Get them into the Drift.
Get them into the Drift.

This movie was rad.  NO.  Radder than rad.  Radder than rad with a side of rad and another order of rad.  How can you not get into the Holiday spirit of giant robots punching- nay… ROCKET punching giant monsters in the face?  Pure enjoyment.


Amuse your loved ones.
Amuse your loved ones.

Written by a 6-year-old, and drawn by a 29-year-old.  The kid logic is endearing, nostalgic, and genius.  The insane badassery of this book is worth its weight in gold.  Give this gift with the intent to astound/amuse.

adtime1 adtime2 adtime3

Adventure Time! Season one and two are available RIGHT FRIGGIN’ NOW. Go ahead and buy them.  The third season will be available in February, but that’s not reason not to pre-order it as a one-two-THREE punch of gift giving tomfoolery!

Destroy your soul... with friends!
Destroy your soul… with friends!

CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY.  Its a wonderful card game… or is it Satan in paper form?  Who knows?  All I know is that its a blast to see what depraved logic you and your friends have.

Wicked brilliance.
Wicked brilliance.

After all that dark hilarity, blast off with some dark storytelling.  And maybe a delicious meal prepared ahead of time.

And for dessert...
And for dessert…

Possibly the greatest gift of all:  The gift of Pegg, Frost, and Wright.  Times three.  The “Cornetto” Trilogy has been collected for any of your loved ones that don’t know what awesome was.  Now you can give them all that awesome you know that they deserve.  In one handy container.  You are so thoughtful!

Now where does one gain access to all these gifts?  Some stores can cover you on the movies front.  The others are a collection of different web sites.

thinkThinkGeek is the first choice for the most geeky and coolest items.


Etsy is for the most unique and handmade items.  Which also translates into pricey, at times.  Just keep that in mind as you shop for incredible works of art.


Geeky Mamas is more close to home for Southern California residents.


Uncommon Goods has a good selection to check out.


Gadgets and Gear is also pretty loaded with stuff to get for your geeky loved ones.

Well there you have it!  Lots of ideas to get for those people in your life that want that unique or special geek gift.  Hook ’em up!  Tis the Season.

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