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When Last We Were in Gotham:

Fish is gunning for Falcone’s position and blew up a stash of his cash to weaken him. Penguin revealed to Liza that he knows she works for Fish. Cat is living in Wayne Manor to keep her safe until a new trial for the Wayne murders. Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent is helping Gordon find the Wayne killers, and thinks that billionaire Dick Lovecraft is behind it.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
Lovecraft, Dick Lovecraft. Billionaire.

“Timing, Gabriel”

Falcone is having a hard time trusting Penguin. Penguin is working for Falcone as a spy in Maroni’s empire. The armory heist, where Falcone kept a huge chunk of his riches hidden, could only have happened with an inside man(well, woman). Penguin knows it was Liza who fed the information to Fish, but he needs proof. Otherwise, Falcone might see no reason to keep Penguin.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
“Excuse me, waiter? There’s a dead man in my soup.”

Also because of the armory heist, Falcone makes a show of killing the man designated to protect it, Bannion. He shoots him while the capos are gathered for a meal. Fish isn’t scared though, because their taxes have gone up which makes Falcone rather unpopular.


“I don’t carry coins.”

A woman and two men wearing leather outfits descend on Wayne Manor. Once the woman catches sight of Cat, she attacks. Alfred springs into action mode and fights off the three assailants and tells the children to run. Bruce and Cat are off on their own.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
She has no name. She could be anyone. Speculation, away!

Cat tries to convince Bruce that the assassins are after him so that he’ll stay with her longer. As he points out later, that’s a pretty convoluted way to go about doing that. All Bruce wants is a pay phone, but as soon as he does find one Cat tries to give him the slip. He chases her up a building and then she jumps the gap to another building. Bruce decides to follow in what I’d call the stupidest way to die.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
One small leap for Bruce, one giant leap for Batman.

He makes the jump, of course, and now Bruce can learn the street-ways from Cat.


“I’m a butler, mate.”

Alfred manages to shoot and kill one of the assassins and Bullock finds a photo of Selina Kyle on him. The assassins were after her because she’s the witness in the Wayne case. Despite being shot himself, Alfred goes with Bullock to investigate. They find out that Fish Mooney would know the location of Cat’s fence. For those who don’t know, a fence is a person who gives you money for stolen goods.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
The More You Know

Alfred and Bullock go to Fish’s and get gruff from Butch. Alfred manages to take him to the floor with a knife and Fish becomes interested. Fish is then charmed by Alfred and agrees to give up the name, Clyde.


Ivy at the Flea

Cat takes Bruce to the black market, described by her as a mall but without the crappy music. They outfit him in plain clothes and run into Ivy Pepper. She hasn’t been seen since the pilot and she’s got quite the sob story. After her father was killed by Bullock, her mother killed herself. She was in juvie and had foster parents but seems to be on her own currently. She appears to have a friendship with Cat, but Cat is very creeped out by her. Bruce introduces himself, which worries Cat, but Ivy knows Bruce didn’t have anything to do with her father’s death.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
She took winking classes from Lucille Bluth.

Cat and Bruce go to Clyde the fence to get some money for goods stolen from Wayne manor. Clyde lowballs them on the price and then traps them in a room because he’s got someone willing to pay top dollar for Cat.


The episode is named after him, so he makes an appearance

Lovecraft vanished after the assassins struck Wayne manor. Gordon and Dent believe he’s behind the hit and want to have him call it off. Gordon goes to a hideaway that Lovecraft has and finds him. He surrenders but reveals he isn’t behind the attack. He, too, is hiding from the assassins. Just as he shows Gordon some files on Wayne Enterprises, the assassins arrive and fight Gordon. He’s taken down by the female assassin. When Gordon wakes up, Lovecraft is dead by his gun.


“Don’t ever mistake bravery for good sense.”

The assassins show up for Cat. The kids have found a way to escape the room, but instead attack the lone assassin sent to kill Cat. Bullock and Alfred arrive with guns blazing. Cat gets away and the lead assassin has Bruce at gunpoint. When he says he doesn’t know where Cat is, she lets him go.


Gordon is in big trouble with Mayor James over the death of Dick Lovecraft. The Mayor decides it should be ruled a suicide and that Gordon needs to be punished. Dent wants to help, but is under Mayor James thumb. Gordon is demoted to security guard at Arkham Asylum. In the best moment this episode has to offer, Ed Nygma is the most torn up about it.

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 10
“You’re the only one who gets my puzzles.”

Next Time

Considering that Cat comes back to give Bruce a kiss, maybe we’ll see him seeking her out on the streets. Gordon working at Arkham should be interesting, if only it’ll give the writers another chance to shoot some scenes there, you know, flesh out the most interesting location and one most teased for its importance to the conspiracy around the Wayne murders. Maybe Ed will come visit Gordon and take a liking to the place.


I rate this episode with Nyssa al Ghul

DC Comics
The brutal half-sister of Talia and a member of the League of Shadows

Because she’s the assassin Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

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