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If you’re ready for an extra helping of Ham, then the doctor is in! According to Deadline, Morena Baccarin will be playing Dr. Leslie Thompkins starting early 2015.


In the comics, Dr. Thompkins was a friend to Dr. Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father. She consoled Bruce as a child after his parent’s murder. She eventually meets him as Batman, when he returns to alley where they were shot. She disapproves of his vigilantism and sees it as a failure on her part.


Given that Gotham is about a time before Batman exists, the audience will be treated to Dr. Thompkins unseen before. Most notably because Baccarin is the first live-action version of the character. Deadline also hinted at a romance between Dr. Thompkins and Gordon. This is definitely upsetting for fans of Barbara Kean. In fact, it’s hinted in the comics that Alfred Pennyworth has a romantic history with Dr. Thompkins. Wouldn’t that be shocking for Bruce to walk in on?

DC Comics
“Master Bruce, always knock!”

With the direction that this first season is going, expect to see Dr. Thompkins applying to work at the newly renovated Arkham Asylum. While she isn’t a psychiatrist per se, her medical knowledge will be an asset there. She is also known for her charitable spirit and her link with the Waynes will push her to see their Arkham plan through.


Baccarin isn’t unfamiliar with the DC Universe. She’s voiced Black Canary in Justice League (2005-06), Cheetah in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2011), and Talia al Ghul in Son of Batman (2014). Dr. Thompkins has mostly taken a passive role in the action, but I could see this new version of the character holding her own in a fight.


She isn’t the first doctor I expected to see cast in Gotham. I am certain by season two that Dr. Jonathan Crane will be involved with Arkham Asylum. Perhaps he’ll still be an intern though.


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