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When Last We Were in Gotham:

Det. James Gordon is dedicated to finding the true murderer of Thomas and Martha Wayne and has promised young Bruce this and to root out corruption in the Gotham Police Department. Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) was supposed to be murdered by Gordon, but Gordon spared him and now Cobblepot is leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake back to the city. Selina Kyle – sorry, Cat – witnessed the murder of the Waynes, was almost kidnapped by a creepy couple working for the Dollmaker, and has now revealed to Gordon that she can identify the Wayne’s killer. Fish Mooney is being tormented by Don Falcone because she has aspirations for taking over the mob. And now…

Gotham, Season 1, Episode 3
Just a typical day in Gotham.


Oswald Cobblepot was ever so intent on returning to Gotham, and now he has. Continuing his trend of killing for whatever he wants, he ends the life of a man who recognizes him and later a man who shares his shoe size.This is how he ends up working at Ramonte’s, the restaurant that Don Maroni frequents. It looks like Cobblepot wants to get cozy with Maroni now that he’s burned his bridges with Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone.


His nemesis could have been Pin Man!

A vigilante with a crazy gimmick has taken to the streets! Balloonman! Beware his floating colorful helium bombs! Wait, no bombs? Well, what does he do? He targets corrupt officials. His first victim being a recently released on bail financier Ronald Danzer who embezzled money from pensions. Very topical, Gotham writers. The Balloonman ties a weather balloon to the victim and they rise up and away, helpless to stop. But don’t fret, Saint Jim and Bullock are on the case.

Gotham, episode 3
I dare you not to laugh. At least not while Maroni is watching you.

Corruption on the streets, Justice in the sheets

Bullock actually sides with the Balloonman at first. He sees what Danzer did as corrupt and needing justice. Gordon wants the killer brought to trial though. This opens up a strange notion that this version of Bullock would side with Batman, would that they’d ever meet. Vigilante justice is never Gordon’s idea of a justice, but Bullock could side with it. As long as they don’t kill any cops. That was the Balloonman’s mistake.


Lieutenant Bill Cranston was no saint

Lt. Bill Cranston was introduced just to meet his end 15 minutes later. In other police news, Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit are following up about Cobblepot’s disappearance with Fish Mooney. I haven’t really mentioned in this column how much I dislike Mooney. Her accent is constantly changing as are her moods. She isn’t a stable character, and I mean that in a bad way. She’ll fit whatever the plot needs. Last week, she was upset by Falcone having her lover, Lazlo, beaten to a pulp. This week, Mooney orders that Lazlo be gotten rid of because he’s weak. Next week, I’d just as much believe it if she had a fit that Lazlo is gone. Mooney gladly tells the cops that Gordon killed Cobblepot. Later, they confront Gordon and he denies it as well. That’s because it is true, though.


Montoya the Lady-Killer

In the pilot episode, there was a hint of history between the characters of Renee Montoya and Barbara Keen. This episode cements that hint. Apparently, Montoya lived with Barbara in that very apartment, since she let herself in with a key. And they weren’t just roommates. Montoya is concerned about Gordon being corrupt and tells Barbara that she deserves better. She then tried to kiss her, and that is where she loses me. It’s clear that she is jealous of losing Barbara to Gordon. But it isn’t fair to attempt to rekindle old feelings with someone while she is happily engaged to someone else.

Gotham, episode 3
“You can do better. And by better, I mean me.”

Side Lines

Some favorite moments in the episode.

At the first crime scene, Gordon is talking to Bullock. He asks Bullock, “We calling this a murder?”

Bullock responds, “Call it a public service. Danzer was a bum who got what he deserved. I’m gonna go get a danish, it’s what I deserve.”

I’d like to think Bullock reasons away much of his horrible eating habits by saying he deserves it for one reason or another.

Bruce Wayne and Alfred are having a bit of fun sword-fighting with canes. Bruce knocks down some papers and Alfred goes to pick them up. It turns out to be the case files of the murder of Bruce’s parents. Alfred asks why he has them. Bruce says, “I’m looking for clues.”

“What, so you’re a detective now, are ya?” Alfred asks.

“If I find a clue, I am.” Bruce responds.

“Have ya found a clue?” Alfred demands.

After a long pause, Bruce responds, “Not yet.”

This is a rather comedic moment actually, because Bruce is a detective without a clue now, but the audience knows he will eventually become known as the world’s greatest detective.


Next Time

Selina Kyle got away from custody of Gordon, so she’s out roaming the streets again. Also, the final image of the episode is Cobblepot, back in his full suit, at Gordon’s door. Does he mean him harm? Or is he there to make a truce of sorts? I’m honestly hoping for the second, but that’ll only make Barbara suspicious of him.


I rate this episode with Azrael

Azrael toy
But just, like the toy version, not the real guy.

Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.


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