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Hey guys! Agent Earl being the predominate butt saver on this site, has filled in again on Looking Ahead and did a great job! So what about the films for this week, January 9th 2014?

Oh man do we  have a line up……of two films.

Two movies.

Guys, this has never really happened on this column before. At least a  minimum of four movies come out every week, but I have never seen only TWO movies come out in one week.

But that is way of January movie releases. Most studios don’t know what to release this month, so apparently this week they didn’t even want to try.

So, let’s just bang this out and lets see what’s coming out this Friday!


What’s it about? A middle aged farmer, living with his old and bedridden father, tries to find truth in life.

My thoughts? The shots here are quiet good. The trailer implies that the film will go into some really harsh, and disturbing material. I’m  intrigued for sure, thought probably a movie I need to be in the right mindset to watch.


What’s it about? Ex-government operative Bryan Mills is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed. As he is tracked and pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name.

My thoughts? When Taken came out back in 2008, the film was a surprise to  many of us. Seeing Liam Neeson, a man who’s had such a respectable career in prestige films, going around and kicking ass was too good to pass up. But it wasn’t  just the novelty of seeing Neeson be in an action film. Taken is a solid, clever and tense film that was simple but satisfying. Taken even started a mini trend of sorts, of having several older respectable actors have a “Taken” of their own (Example: Pierce Brosnan in The November Man and Sean Penn in the up and coming The Gunman….which is directed by Taken‘s first director Pierre Morel.) So of course they wanna ruin a good thing by making an unnecessary sequel….and then making another one. What it was fresh back in 2008, Tak3n now seems tired and phoned in. Even Neeson (who he himself has made others like Taken since the first movie)  looks to be getting tired of this series.  Are filmgoers still excited to see Liam Neeson as an action hero? Maybe for some, but I’m officially over it.

How about you folks? Wanna give It’s All So Quiet a shot? Is Liam Neesons’s still your shit? Or you just gonna catch up on Mockingjay or The Hobbit? Let us know in the comments below!

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