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If you couldn’t tell, there is plenty of excitement for the movie with the space raccoon with a gun.

Cool right? But here’s a question….why?

Why is there a fever pitch of excitement from a part of the fan community that wants to see this rag tag group of space outlaws?

I have a few theories, and they are pretty simple actually, and very obvious.

1.) See…it’s just so different. But in terms of comic book movies, it’s crazy different.

This isn’t like any other comic book movie in the last decade. Hell, it isn’t even like any other Marvel Studios movie.

It’s so different, and wild and out there…YET…there is still one element that keeps it in a certain comfort zone.

And that element is this; for movie going audiences they know that while they are watching the raccoon and the talking tree fight other crazy aliens…Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are still on earth fighting their fights.

Since they can take comfort that the other Marvel movies are taking place at the same time, some audiences are willing to try out this movie. It’s keeping them open minded.

2.) The other answer is really obvious too….because the fricken Raccoon talks, has an attitude, and is shooting a big ass gun. OH,  and there are other awesome space aliens, space ships, rocket shoes, amazing looking planets and crazy cool looking action.

Basically, it’s pure unadulterated comic book ideas being put on the big screen.

In an age where some filmmakers keep learning the wrong lessons from the Chris Nolan Batman movies and try to make things grounded, this movie is trying to be everything BUT.

Enough of my babbling…here’s the trailer.

Once again, more of that kick ass that we got the from last trailer, as well as hearing our first “I am Groot” from Groot that we’ve all been waiting for.

There’s a touch of more of Mal from Firefly in Chris Pratt’s Star Lord, and one wonders that part of the reason why Nathan Fillion DIDN’T do this film, nor pushed for his involvement (his scheduling on Castle aside.) Pratt is killing this so far as he’s got the swagger and the charm down pat.

I’m a bit weirded out that Zoe Saldanas Gamora has no lines in this trailer, but I sense a third trailer on our way with her speaking.

It seems like this’s trailers job was to really showcase the group as a team, while the last trailer sets up the films tone.

The main thing about this trailer for me? I see the potential to be the kind of movies that we miss remembered from the 80’s. You know the ones. The big sci-fi Star Wars rip offs that were made to cash in on Star Wars, but few were made by people who actually gave a damn.  The people making Guardians of the Galaxy clearly give  a damn, and whether you like the movie or not, this flick was made by folks who love movies like this and WANTed to make a movie like this.

Here’s some of my favorite stills and gifs from this trailer. Guardians of the Galaxy comes to theaters August 1, 2014.

Are YOU ready to take this guy on?
Groot looking cute . (gif from tumblr
Rocking being bad ass. (gif from tumblr)
Rocket being bad ass. (gif from tumblr)
Rocket scratching (gif from tumblr.)
Rocket scratching his….um…yeah. (gif from tumblr.)
Because there ain't nothing wrong with a good old fashion team shot. (gif from tumblr)
Because there ain’t nothing wrong with a good old fashion team shot. (gif from tumblr)

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