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This is Reserve Agent Andrew checking in with a San Diego Comic Con exclusive! I set out to see the Community panel today in Ballroom 20 and got there early enough to catch a panel for the new CBS show Scorpion. You may not have heard of it yet, but I think it’s destined for greatness. That’s right, they screened the pilot before a Q&A.

Scorpion follows a young man who has a high IQ that got him in trouble as a youth. Elyes Gabel (Game of Thrones, Body of Proof) plays Walter O’Brien who has gathered up a group of other genius to help his burgeoning company. In his company is Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Sylvester Dodd (Ari Stidham). Each has their own specialty from mathematics to electrical engineering.

The pilot kicks off introducing Walter’s business and associates. Walter meets a waitress named Paige (played by Katharine McPhee, fresh off of Smash) and bonds with her son, who has difficulty connecting with people. Walter recognizes the child’s obstacle and warns Paige about it. When Walter goes back to his headquarters, he is contacted by Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick, T-2: Judgement Day), the same man who caught him hacking into NASA computers as a child. They have a spotty history, but Agent Gallo needs Walter to get over the past and help save hundreds of passengers stranded in the air after a virus infects LAX computers. Another fun thing about the pilot is a cameo by Ernie Hudson.

I don’t want to give away too much, but the day is saved and Paige joins the team. This is a fantastic set-up to a series based on a real person who actually worked with government agents to stop terrorist attacks. The pilot also focuses on the difficulty of having a higher mental capacity. Executive producers Nick Santora and Nicholas Wootton said that they don’t intend to make fun of the perils of being a genius, but that comedy will be present in the show. The real life Walter O’Brien was on hand to talk about his real life adventures helping the government.

The cast on hand had great rapport and honestly seemed to love the show. They were in the middle of filming an episode before they left for SDCC. During the Q&A, one attendee asked Katharine McPhee how she balances her singing career with acting. She revealed she sings on set between takes, sometimes to annoyance of the sound crew.

Scorpion is set to premiere on September 22, 2014 on CBS at 9pm.

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