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Three years ago I wrote about Hollywood’s strange struggle to adapt Wonder Woman as a feature film (Click here to read all about it.) This year she finally made her way to the big screen….as a second thought late comer in a Batman versus Superman movie.

There are many problems with Batman V Superman and Wonder Woman’s inclusion was one of them. Her place in the narrative didn’t make sense and there was a lack of any real character work on her. Gal Gadot’s controversial casting didn’t seemed justified simply because they didn’t write a personality for her.  Gal had some charisma in the final battle, but it’s all buried underneath a film that crumbles at it’s own structure.

But, fans did feel she was one of the few elements in BvS that wasn’t ruined, so we now all hope that her true solo film is gonna work. If you read my recent write up on the Justice League footage, I’m still skeptical on how Warner Brothers will follow through on all their DC movies, especially Wonder Woman’s.

Judging by that lovely poster and this trailer….I think we’re off to a good start.

There’s quiet to like in this. Wonder Woman’s home, the island of Themyscira, looks beautiful. Chris Pine is bringing his A level charm and it’s working. I LOVE Lucy Davis brief appearance as Etta Candy, the mostly unknown to regular folks Wonder Woman supporting cast memeber (I.E. Her Jimmy Olsen.)

Gal Gadot comes through here really well as this trailer shows her Diana having more personality then the entirety of her BvS:DoJ appearance.

Oh…and the action? Sweet as hell. Some great shots here as director Patty Jenkins is giving it all she’s got here visually. While the fight scenes do show a Snyder influence (he did produce it.) I think Jenkins is showing enough flair of her own to prove she’s not simply ripping him off.

I’m also excited by the fact that screenwriter Allan Heinberg is working on this film. While that name may not sound familiar to you if you’re not a comics reader, he did write not only a very strong (if short) run on the Wonder Woman comic but also the EXCELLENT Young Avengers comic. While Heinberg’s got a ton of TV show writing credits, it’s his great work writing superheroes that’s giving me a touch of hope. Hell, is this the first time Hollywood has ACTUALLY hired someone to write a superhero who just also happened to have written the comic with that same hero?

Overall, I’m feel good about the Wonder Woman trailer. It’s important to me that her film works. She’s the first female superhero, and she’s long over due to get a big screen treatment like this. And with this year being her 75th anniversary, she’s MORE than earned her place to be in a great and exciting blockbuster

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