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One of the great things about Star Wars: The Force Awakens is witnessing the rise of a new actor to the public. It’s been good to see so many fans embrace and love both Daisy Ridley and her character Rey. Ridley is amazing in the film, and what keeps it more impressive is that The Force Awakens is her first feature film gig. But of course, she’s a working actress which means she’s performed in many things before Star Wars.

One of the smaller projects she was involved in was something that I just stumbled upon. As part of the Sci-Fi-London 48 hour Film challenge, Daisy acted in the short film Blue Season.

As part of the challenge film had only a few requirements that needed to be in the movie:

Contain this line:
Is there ever a circumstance where hanging
upside down can be a good sign?

Have this prop:
A piece of A4 paper – a character reads what
is written on it, folds it up and puts it in a bag
or pocket.

And they have 48 hours to make the whole film.

Check out the film below. It’s only a few minutes and if you are a fan of Daisy Ridley, it is nice to see some of her earlier work. Even here, in this very quick short film, she proves to be very memorable and gives a strong performance.

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