The Future Now

December 21, 2013 0

We have a mere handful of days before the year is out.  Maybe you (and when I say you, I really mean me) are laying…

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UNvincible — Deadpool #17

September 25, 2013 0

  I’ve been very reluctant to talk about “Deadpool” in these reviews—not when he’s on teams because he has turned into a straight up travesty…


Tucci Subject

September 12, 2013 1

I decided to just go totally off the reservation and talk in excess about one Mr. Stanley Tucci. Why?  Simple.  Stanley Tucci ain't just an…


UNvincible — Infinity #1

August 14, 2013 0

Hark!  Beware Marvel fan for something comes out of space again to attack the planet in an enormous, bloated cross-over event.  Yeah, I know Phoenix…

Uncanny Reading

June 20, 2013 3

I have yet to really throw my hat into the ring for comics you should be reading.  But this is not fair, because you should…

UNvincible — A+X #9

June 19, 2013 0

Remember what comics used to be about?  It was a pulp, a throwaway to find out who is fighting what this week.  You’d ogle the…