UNvincible — Nova #9

October 23, 2013 0

  Who knew that when they originally re-launched the book “Nova” that I would be way more interested in the story than any of the…

UNvincible Deadpool Marvel Now Brian Posehn Comics

UNvincible — Deadpool #17

September 25, 2013 0

  I’ve been very reluctant to talk about “Deadpool” in these reviews—not when he’s on teams because he has turned into a straight up travesty…


UNvincible — X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1

September 4, 2013 0

Who remembers the nineties?  The variant covers?  The foil embossed covers?  The special holograms?  The overproduction?  The overvaluing?  The devaluing?  The collapse?  The Bankruptcy?  Well…