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June 21st, 2015

So, here’s how the countdown stands as of today!

Earl’s Con Season List 2015

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in – concluded
Anime Expo (AX) in 11 days
San Diego Comic Con in 16 days
and, if miracles happen:
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime in 67 days

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! SDCC it’s so close!

E3 was 3 kinds of awesome.  If you missed the Microsoft XBOX Press Conference at the top of the event, you should totally check out this gameplay demo they released for Rise of the Tomb Raider. Just cuz, reasons.

A more detailed breakdown, and possibly a video will follow later this week!

Anime Expo right around the corner. I finally got industry approval the other day. However, unlike previous years, we’ve gotta pay for industry passes. It’s not bank breaking, but it’s definitely got me thinking about whether or not I should still attend. I suppose we’ll see how I feel financially when the actual con rolls around.

SDCC grows ever closer with each passing day. We’ve got a few possible leads on a place to stay. Unfortunately we’ve got a bit of a hiccup as one of  us wasn’t able to get the days off of work. Which… well, not sure what it means exactly.

In other news, thanks to the awesome Reserve Agent Will, we’ve got a possible backup place in case things go awry.

I did manage to book a hotel at a reasonable rate for Preview Night and Thursday… about a mile away from the convention center, which just leaves the weekend up in the air, I suppose. So, that situation is somewhat alleviated. Whew.

I’m thinking about spiffying up this site a little in prep for SDCC. We’ll see if I’m able to carve out any time to at all, haha.

PAX Prime – I’m planning to go to an antique store and rubbing every magic lamp-looking piece in hopes that a genie will pop out and serenade me before granting 3 wishes.  Also hoping that I don’t invoke the power of a Djinn instead…which is the same thing, I guess, minus the Disneyfying.

That’s so how I’m getting to PAX.

In other news… I totally walked a crapload during E3. Well, what to me is a crapload. I may have also eaten a lot of tacos. Note to self, look into insoles for SDCC.

To Do List
Follow up on AX industry pass AX Industry Pass Approved
Start redoing/polishing video game voice demo Wasn’t able to finish in time for E3
Spiffy up website at earlbaylon.com Done, yo.
Find a place to stay for SDCC Finalize a place to stay for SDCC
Eat less/Walk more
Spiffy up AgentsOfGUARD.com in prepfor SDCC
Cosplay? Unfortunately, this will have to go on the back burner until I can iron out the other details

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