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So, it being San Diego Comic Con this should be the last regular entry in this series.  There might an update or two if I end up getting into PAX or something, but other than that… it’s goodbye to this article series. Awww…

July 12th, 2015

So, here’s how the countdown stands as of today!

Earl’s Con Season List 2015

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in – concluded
Anime Expo (AX) in – concluded
San Diego Comic Con in Now!
and, if miracles happen:
Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime in 48 days

Most of SDCC has come and past. We’ve only got a couple hours left of exhibition hall wandering and panel going. Overall this SDCC has been a crazy one for me.

Going to con without having a chance to do laundry, waiting in line for Hall H for 8 hours and not getting in, questionable hotel rooms… there are stories here. I’ll probably throw together a rundown post, like the E3 and AnimeExpo ones I’m waaaay overdue on, so WORRY NOT!

Also, all that negative stuff has for the most part been overshadowed by this:


YES MY FIRST EVER SDCC PANEL. So excites.  More later anyway. Thank you for everyone that came out.

Just wanted to drop a quick update as I chill here in the closing hours, drinking the free Pro Lounge lemonade.  Meow.

PAX… I’m coming for you, maybe!

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