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Spoke too soon folks! The trailer is now down. Did Disney already decide to stop the film? More info as it comes.

Below is the original post that I wrote with an updated link to another video source that uploaded the trailer.


To quote famed Sci-Fi writer curmudgeon Harlan Ellison…

“Don’t FUCK with the mouse.”

Well, judging by the subject matter from the new film by writer/director Randy Moore, they seem to be doing just that.

Their film, Escape from Tomorrow, premiered at Sundance this year. Everyone who saw it was sure that the film would never been seen again, due to the fact that the filmmakers had the insane idea of shooting the film at Walt Disney World and Disneyland WITHOUT PERMISSION.

But somehow, someway, the film found distribution, and the company Producers Distribution Agency will be the ones brave enough to release the film.

Reviews have been mixed, some really loved it and some not as much, the but everyone who saw it almost agrees on one simple fact….if you can see it…DO SO.

I have been curious to see anything from the film since I first heard of it and today they released the first trailer….

Wow…just wow.

As a person who grew up near Disneyland nearly his entire life, I’m still shocked this film exists. To make a film in the Disney parks without permission is insane as it is, but to make a dark, artistic, psychological story with the park being the trigger to the madness is even MORE insane. Even if the the curiosity factor is the only thing driving to see this, I feel that is more then enough to justify it’s existence.

The FLAT-OUT BALLS they have to utilize so much iconic Disney elements in not just the film itself, but in also in the marketing is just amazing.

I mean, look at the poster for crying out loud….


So, how come Disney isn’t striking back yet? Why haven’t they stopped the release of this film?

There is a lot of complicated legal issues and notes that explain the hows and whys ( a summery that can be found on films WIKI page.) this film could get released, but I have simple theory. (And it is a theory mind you, I’m probably very wrong)

What if Disney’s plan is to not call attention to it by NOT calling attention to it. Imagine the huge amount of news articles, blog post, twitter reactions to Disney stopping an indie film from being released. Imagine the interest from people who have heard of the “THE FILM THAT DISNEY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!”

I’d imagine that Disney’s people knows it’s going to get out there, so let it just exist and not make it famous.

Just my theory.

I mean, Disney could still decide to do that any ways. They have some time. The film comes out October 11, 2013 and unless Disney pulls the plug, I’ll be there to check it out.

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