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Oh man, another Super Bowl is in the proverbial record books. Wow, I am plain tuckered out.  What a terrific game, right? (Depending on your allegiances, I suppose.) Now, before we get to the cleanup and making sure drunk friends don’t drive – um, really, make sure that sack of shit doesn’t have his keys – let’s go over some of the highlights of this year’s NFL championship game:

5. When Sherman brought the Newcastle Werewolf



Dude, so clutch. I love this stuff, it’s an Irish Red that’s sort of limited edition-y. Basically, you can’t get it year round. So where Sherman came up on a twelver, I have no idea. All I can say is, “aww yiss.”

4. Rob came through with the Mango Habanero chicken wings


Can I even? No dude, no I can’t. I can’t even. I can’t explain my love for mango habanero wings. It’s like the awesomeness of pumpkin spice everything in the fall, but year round. When I said I was gonna organize Super Bowl this year, Rob was like, “Dude. mango habanero wings?” I was like, “Hell yeah!” But my favorite ones are from Buffalo Wild Wings and that was a bit out of everyone’s budget. So Rob was like, “Aw brah, I’m just gonna look up one of those recipes online that try to approximate a famous recipe.” And he did it. And it was a reasonable facsimile, which is still better than that trash from Chet’s Wings down the street. Hi-five, Rob.

3. I found the bag of Mint M&M’s I totally forgot I purchased at the liquor store earlier today


Have you had these? You have to have them. They’re mint and dark chocolate and are like small, bite-sized, milder York Peppermint Patties. Or thin mints if you’re into that Girl Scout Cookie noise. I forgot I had bought them at the liquor store on the way back home and put them in my pocket! And I took a nap, and only ONE M&M was melted or crushed.  It’s I sign that I am The One.

2. New 3-Star Cover in Marvel Puzzle Quest, awww yeahh!


Mohawk Storm, inyamathafakinface!  I know it’s not a new cover, but I’ve been waiting for this one forever. Off a regular-ass grey token, too! Now if only I could get more covers for her and my other three-star characters. Because right now, they’re useless.

1. The Big Catch

Amazing. So crazy. Like out of a movie. I’m so glad I decided to order food from this place. I always saw it in my neighborhood on the Eat 24 app, but I never felt like it was the right time to order from the place. Anyway, they’re a seafood/cajun place off Broadway in Long Beach. They do stuff like shrimp by the pound, as well all Dungeness, King, and Snow Crab by the pound. Of course, it ain’t the cheapest. If you’re buying and eating cheap seafood, though, you’re gonna have a bad time.



It was a good Super Bowl day!  Perhaps next year I’ll actually watch the game.


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