It’s the first week of the new year….how is it going for you so far?For us it’s been pretty good (we’re still feeling the positive effects after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens.) but we have a whole year of brand new video games, comics, tv shows, films and personal goals. What are the Agents looking forward too in the new year? Lets find out…

Agent Bobby:

2016 sprawls before us, a year positively pockmarked with puissant points of pure power! What does that mean?! It means I enjoy alliteration. But beyond that, it means there’s a lot to look forward to.
But for me, it’s gotta be the sixth season of Game of Thrones. As a book reader and a show watcher, this is going to be the first whole season where I have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen, and the feeling is electric. There were a few surprises at the end of season 5, but this next piece is going to be cut from whole cloth.
I don’t want to get into spoilers, but is THAT DEAD PERSON actually DEAD? (No) Is that other MAYBE DEAD PERSON actually alive? (No, obviously). Will we find out who Jon Snow’s parents are? (Yes?) Will Bran do something interesting? (Unlikely).
Come April, this enthusiastic, exigent echolocation-using erudite is going to be hip-deep in excitement! Alliteration!

Agent Sarah:

I’m not gonna lie, 2015 was a really tough year for me. I lost a month to vertigo, spent a week in a terrorist hotspot fearing for my life, and generally prioritized work over important life stuff, like seeing Star Wars. However, there were also some great things like Comic-Con, meeting all the Agents of GUARD IRL, and some wicked cool games like Witcher 3 and Fallout 4.

In 2016, I’m looking forward to putting my geek activities back toward the top of my priority list. I’d like to go to two cons in 2016, actually play my video games all the way through, and put my work schedule on ice when there is important geek stuff to be reported on for GUARD. I’m also planning to give JDF’s online training program a try, attempt cosplay of some variety (and maybe even work toward my goal of joining the 501st!) and actually put some work into that Batman-inspired clothing line I talked about, as I already have ideas for handbags and shirts!

Agent Patrick:

There’s a ton to be excited for in 2016. Of course there’s the big stuff like Civil War and Rogue One but I think it’s safe to say nobody is surprised I jumped onto those hype trains. I’m gonna let most of those go—though with a brief reminder that Deadpool is finally getting his own movie and from all appearances it looks absolutely absurd and you should totally watch it. So instead of hashing all of that to the surprise of no one, instead I want to talk to something dear to my heart: Mass Effect Andromeda.

Now Mass Effect 3 had some issues I won’t deny that. But there was still enough good material that when the trilogy finally came to a close I felt melancholy. I had traveled the galaxy with this crew of miscreants and now I had to say goodbye. And for a time it seemed my investment of time on Commander Shepard would only serve as the flowers to wilt over his grave—shut up, it’s been four years so it’s only a spoiler if you’ve been in a coma. Sidenote, if you’ve been in a coma and this is one of the first things you’re reading—first, wow honored! Second, you probably have some Wikipedia to scour my friend, hop to it. Anyway, the end of the Mass Effect trilogy signaled the end of a journey that took five year journey and brought about a close to one of the most well-crafted games released on the market.

But one of the advantages of having an evil publishing overlord like Electronic Arts is that they’re not done with something until they’ve squeezed every penny out and thrown the husk in a back alley dumpster. So the announcement was made, Mass Effect Andromeda would be released… well they were kind of vague on this one. Their last teaser said holiday 2016. So light up the stage and raise your trumpets boys cause the song ain’t over yet. Details have been sparse but God Dammnit! It’s Mass Effect! They had me at “Mako”

Addendum: Go see Laser Team. It looks super cool and Rooster Teeth worked really hard on it.

Agent Earl:

Ah, 2016. Yes. I see that you are here now. Hmm. Yes, well, I suppose you want me to tell you if you’ve got anything worth looking forward to, eh?

I shall step down from my obsidian throne and humor thee, oh arbitrary unit of time.

There be a small matter of the Warcraft movie, which shall be bequeathed unto the world during your 6th month, yes. The few things we do know of it – the few things we have seen – have yet left the question of said film’s quality hanging, nebulous, undefined for may. I, however, find my excitement for this film barely restrained by its fetters. I have resided in this franchise’s fandom, for many years. Many of your brethren have come and gone since. Yet, my fandom persists. Ah, I was but a young lad, beard ill-grown, pants too big, MHz clocked under 100. Simpler times. The strategic struggle between Orcs and Humans played out on my 14” CRT in real time! Even now, those same Orcs and Humans gallivant in my own personal digital microcosm, as I grind for Valor, Savage Blood, and other loot. Dare I say, the Warcraft universe has been inculcated in my being, as long as other tales of a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Also, Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to PC. I so can’t wait, yo.

Agent Nate:

2016 has some stuff, I tell you what. But besides Captain America: Civil War, I’m excited for the second season of Daredevil on Netflix, as well as Luke Cage. Honestly, Marvel has been consistent in its ability to create amazing stuff. I’m ridiculously spoiled, and I’m too scared to question it, or maybe it will stop? I suppose I’m looking forward to my faith being tested and ultimately proven correct.

Also, I really can’t wait to see what RocketJump does next, because I’ve really been loving their show on HuLu, and find it really inspiring. I’m hoping there will be a second season in the Fall.

And also… I can’t wait to be surprised this year.

Agent Justin:

We are in an era of remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever. Movies, TV, and comics have been going harder on redoing old ideas, and sadly, we sorta have to accept that.

So ok, fine….we got another remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever of a beloved franchise (most likely from the ‘80s)  coming out…..and this one…this I wanna believe. I wanna believe this one could be one of the lucky few that might work.

I’m talking about the much controversial Paul Feig directed Ghostbusters redo. Now….let me get this out of the way first….there is ONE non-remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever movie coming out next year that I am quite stoked for and that flick is The Nice Guys. (that trailer has been on repeat for weeks.) but…I wanna believe in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters.


Because if you are gonna remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever one of my favorite movies of all time, then you gotta give me the goods. You gotta take the concept and try new things with it. You gotta be daring. You gotta be not afraid of trying to make idea your own thing. If you HAVE to this, and since remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever old movies is the only thing Hollywood wants to do now…then fuck it. Make it the best remake/remix/reboot/softboot/whatever that you can.

So while we haven’t seen any footage,  Paul Feig did one thing right so far….he went different and daring with his leads. YES, I am talking about him having an all women cast as the leads, but it’s not just that. He cast women who are legit funny, and while Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are known, Paul is also gonna give two actors (Kate Mckinnon and Leslie Jones) a shot at the big times. I also love that the original cast is set to make cameos as a way to give the new film their blessings. Sure, I would have loved a proper sequel that gets the gang back together, but sadly with Harold Ramis’s passing we won’t really get that movie any more. So, if they insist on doing more Ghostbusters, then let’s hope they nail it with this new take.

So far, Paul Feig has a pretty decent track record as a director, and it seems like that with Ghostbusters, he’s ready to make a big step forward as a director. Sure, this hope can all go down the toilet if the first trailer ends up feeling like a dud…but right now, I wanna believe. And with a cast that good I got a feeling they are ready to believe in me too.

Agent Aaron:

In this age of heroes fighting heroes, I’m looking forward to original content rising up from the depths. Syfy’s amazing “The Expanse” will come to a close in a few weeks. “Welcome to the Badlands” should have its second season! Bojack Horseman is going to have season 3, and I’m looking forward to 2016 being a year of me pushing to publish, even if I have to do it through Amazon. I owe you GUADians some thought provoking stuff, so I have that to look forward to as well.

Agent Jamal:

I’m looking forward to attending The Great Horror Campout for the second time in 2016! My first experience was a well balanced mix of endurance, fandom and TERROR and it was a blast getting to know a new event but as my FearTASTIC FREAKS will tell you; I’m ALL about the sequels. I’m ready to go back with the knowledge I’ve gained and give every demonic creature an Ass-whoopin’ and earn the prestigious title of HELL MASTER! I implore any of the other agents who want to spend the night in a horror event filled with challenges, games and the best kind of scared to come with me this year so we may plant our AOG flag (if it exists) in the hallowed ground that is The Great Horror Campout 2016!

Agent Matt:

2015 was kind to me when it came to pop culture. It gave me a Bond film that I love, a video game I’ve been screaming at Bethesda about for years, and the best Star War since 1983 (maybe even 1980). So when I look forward to 2016, I look to the thing that slightly disappointed me this year. I didn’t hate Age of Ultron, but out of everything Marvel Studios put out this year, it was the biggest and only my sixth favorite (behind Agent Carter, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the Civil War trailer). I’ve got a feeling Captain America: The Civil War will be the Avengers follow up we’ve been waiting for. If watching the trailer and seeing Tony say “I was your friend” only to be relentlessly beaten down by Cap and Bucky doesn’t break your heart, then you have no heart to break. Enjoy Batman v. Superman.

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